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Grammy Nominated Christian Rapper ‘Phanatik’ of The Cross Movement Publicly Renounces Christianity

Brady Goodwin Jr. is a former Christian as well as a 2x-Grammy nominated Christian rap artist, most known for his work as a part of the pioneering Christian rap group The Cross Movement. He is a self-published author of six books exploring the integration of faith and culture. Currently teaching “Hip Hop History & Ethics” a course he developed at The Community College of Philadelphia.

Miraculous Health Benefits Of Jatropha (Hospital Too Far Leave)

Jatropha tanjorensis, also known as ‘hospital too far’ is a plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. It is usually grown in rainfall forest zones in parts of West Africa. Jatropha (hospital too far) is known for its medicinal purposes. The plant is very similar to Tree Spinach, and is called ‘Efo Iyana-Ipaja’ in Yorubas and ‘Ugu Oyibo’ in Igbo.

Rate My Cult – The Hebrew Israelites

Hello, Good People! The (Black) Hebrew Israelites are in the news again, and they came at me in the comments, so I figured I’d look into them more. You’ll be amazed by what I found. People got so mad that I called them ‘cult adjacent’ that it became obvious they were cult proper. You know who doesn’t get mad when people say they’re in a cult? People not in cults.

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