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The 2022 round up and starting 2023 with a Bang | Luluology

The 2022 round up and starting 2023 with a Bang from anchor.fm

This episode looks at the ups and tragic downs of 2022 and rounding the year up in its own box while also looking at the big days ahead of 2023, looking at my fears, hopes and personal joys for the year ahead. The episode also takes a look at what is in store for the podcast in 2023.

Luluology Luluology is a podcast about life as a woman in South Africa. Follow her and listen well.

Your loneliness is killing you.

Your Loneliness is Killing You
Your loneliness is killing you. from YouTube

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https://youtu.be/p1D2__VQtN4 Your loneliness is killing you. You need to reconnect with or form a community around you before you start emotionally self cannibalizing.

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