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Most Africans I’ve talked to don’t seem to know Trump supports neo nazis.

History will remember.

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Vishal P. Singh (@vps_reports_2.0) If Trump, DeSantis, or any of those “white” supremacists wins the presidency again, what will happen to Africa will be what would have happened…

The COLONISERS are now getting oppressed?!

Cry Me a River
The COLONISERS are now getting oppressed?! from YouTube

“White” South Africans benefiting from apartheid and holding onto stolen property insist that they are suffering from “reverse racism” because they are no longer being coddled about it. Even though on average, they are richer than they were during apartheid because the government did not force them to give the land or their ill gotten gains back, they feel they are oppressed. Descendants of the thieves and other Europeans who benefit from the theft don’t want to shoulder any of the responsibility even though they are still profiting from it and actively involved in continued economic colonialism.


Explaining racism gently is a waste of time. – YouTube

MIDNIGHT EYE 2 days ago: I was just thinking about this yesterday; I was thinking about how exhausting it is having to explain racism in 2022. As if there hasn’t been decades of explaining it, if people actually cared they’d educate themselves -I’m no longer doing so. Seeing documentaries where MLK was literally explaining everything that’s still being said today about Racism annoyed me and made me feel drained.


Rwanda Ups Teachers Salaries by 88%, Malawi Claim $310 Billion from Int’ Firm, Atlanta Race Massacre – YouTube

Africa first Roundtable on Climate Initiatives ahead COP 27 begins in Addis Ababa.Rwanda increases salaries of primary school teachers by 88%.Malawi Government Demands U.S.$309.6 Billion From Us Company for Illegal Mining.Atlanta’s image challenged by the 1906 race massacre legacy of white-on-Black violence.Napoli president rules out signing Africans committed to Nations Cup.Rwanda Ups Teachers Salaries by 88%, Malawi Claim $310 Billion from Int’ Firm, Atlanta Race Massacre

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