Africa Benefits in Russia-Ukraine Wheat Deal, Mali Axes UN Spokesperson, South Africa Beats Morocco – YouTube

African leaders welcome Russia-Ukraine wheat dealChad opposition groups to take part in peace talksMali Orders United Nations Spokesperson to Leave the CountryWafcon 2022: South Africa beat Morocco to finally land their first title.DR Congo warns of ‘militarizing’ wildlife parks in Rwanda spat.Concerns raised as South Sudan delays creation of peace accountability court.US Supreme Court to issue separate rulings on affirmative action in college admissions.Africa Benefits in Russia-Ukraine Wheat Deal, Mali Axes UN Spokesperson, South Africa Beats Morocco


​@77 With PAMBA. is here with you to bring you a very intimated episode of the famous 77 Questions Interview with the one @swiry_nyar_kano tiktok who has a very powerful voice and her energy is nothing short of magnetic for she boldly talks about Black lives, slavery, African heritage and everything African.

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Monday Live – YouTube

Ask your questions about witchcraft, African diaspora spirituality, or whatever you’d like to know about me within reason. Let’s discuss some things. Click here for Part 2: Afroscientific Spirituality with Efe West , and Part 3: Being a Black Woman Practicing an ADTR in Israel.

Next Monday Live, August 1, 2022.


He builds affordable homes in Ghana using rammed earth | Real Estate in Ghana | Sustainable homes – YouTube

Ghanaian firm, Kasa Konsultants uses rammed earth to build affordable homes in Ghana. In this video, we talk with the daring Peace Obeng Appau, director of Kasa Konsultantsabout building with rammed earth in Ghana: the product, process and everything in between. We learn how we can use rammed earth as an alternative construction material for our homes.

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