SA’s oldest citizen passes on

SA's oldest citizen passes on
SA’s oldest citizen passes on from YouTube

South Africa’s oldest citizen, 128-year-old Johanna Mazibuko of Jouberton outside Klerksdorp in the North West, has died. Her long life spanned three centuries. While Mazibuko’s story was of an ordinary farm girl, she shared all she could remember after living through two world wars, the end of Apartheid, the dawn of democracy, and two global pandemics.

The 2022 round up and starting 2023 with a Bang | Luluology

The 2022 round up and starting 2023 with a Bang from

This episode looks at the ups and tragic downs of 2022 and rounding the year up in its own box while also looking at the big days ahead of 2023, looking at my fears, hopes and personal joys for the year ahead. The episode also takes a look at what is in store for the podcast in 2023.

Luluology Luluology is a podcast about life as a woman in South Africa. Follow her and listen well.

The COLONISERS are now getting oppressed?!

Cry Me a River
The COLONISERS are now getting oppressed?! from YouTube

“White” South Africans benefiting from apartheid and holding onto stolen property insist that they are suffering from “reverse racism” because they are no longer being coddled about it. Even though on average, they are richer than they were during apartheid because the government did not force them to give the land or their ill gotten gains back, they feel they are oppressed. Descendants of the thieves and other Europeans who benefit from the theft don’t want to shoulder any of the responsibility even though they are still profiting from it and actively involved in continued economic colonialism.

Terrorist Threats Can’t Stop the Pride celebrations in full swing in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and Sandton

pride za 2022 apnews Pride celebrations are in full swing in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. The threats of terrorist attacks in Gauteng did not scare away the LGTBQIA+ community in this region. We cross to reporter Kim Daniels to catch up on the festivities in the friendly city.   [embed][/embed] Threats were made, but the LGBTQIA+ community…

Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism, Hundreds of Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS – YouTube

Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism, Hundreds of Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS’; Britain paid Reparations to 46,000 Slave owners; Jamaica demands Reparations – ‘The African History Network Show’ with Michael Imhotep 9-8-22


Magically Powerful Tribe of Rain Queens in Africa – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Africa is a continent full of beauty. It’s beauty can be seen through its places and its people. Welcome to the Amazing People of Africa series where we take a look at some of the indigenous people of Africa. We will be looking at Magically Powerful Tribe of Rain Queens of Africa    

Daring combos expected at the Soweto Kota Festival as it returns from a two-year heitus – YouTube

[embed][/embed] It comes with different names like Kota, Sphahlo, iSkhambhani or bunny chow it all depends on which township you have visited. The Soweto Kota Festival is making a comeback this year and promises to bring you only the best combos. The festival will present the best of the local cuisine, from the Kota chefs…

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