The MIRACLES Of Aloe Vera! Potent Medicinal Herbs Of Jamaica

In this special series on medicinal plants of Jamaica, I met with the Pekan sisters to take a look at the popular Aloe Vera – a medicinal staple of every traditional Jamaican household! Turned out it does way more than I every imagined! Definitely another miracle plant!

Watch: The MIRACLES Of Aloe Vera! Potent #MedicinaHerbs Of #Jamaica – YouTube


Doctor:How to Protect yourself from Monkeypox, Blood Clots & Covid While TRAVELING! #monkeypox 2022 – YouTube

Informative and uptodate video with lots of pictures ( 2022) Watch this before you take your next trip. #traveltips I recently returned from New York and felt I would use some of my experience to leave you some practical tips. Hope you find it helpful, save or share.

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