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Training Journalists in Human Rights Reporting and Safety

Human rights reporting and safety
Skilling Journalists on Human rights reporting and safety. from YouTube

Journalism promotes social cohesiveness and understanding by enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to learn more about one another, appreciate one another’s perspectives, and collaborate for the greater good. Journalism promotes social justice by giving individuals/groups who are marginalised or excluded from public discourse a voice.


Urgent Notice to African Women Don’t Go to the Middle-East for Domestic Work You Will Die!

Don’t Go to the Middle-East for Domestic Work You Will Die!

https://youtu.be/eP2COKGtub0 I live in Israel, and honestly I wouldn’t even recommend coming here as a domestic worker. We are working on making sure your rights would be protected, but you have no guarantees unless you have connections with enough money to protect you. There are many people who have been brought up with colonialist or…

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