Real Alternatives to YouTube for People in Marginalized Communities

Black person's hand giving a thumbs up

[sc name="voiceme" ][/sc] We all know that YouTube is not the only video hosting platform, but when you need an alternative, you don’t want to go somewhere with the same problems. So I am doing a bit of research on what other platforms there are for those of us who really don’t want to share space…

YouTubers! Make Sure You Have Other Sources of Income Now!

[sc name="voiceme" ][/sc] There has been a disturbing trend in YouTube. Anyone standing up against any kind of discrimination is being targeted. Their videos are not only being demonetized, but wrongly flagged as “violating community standards”. So far, people I know of who’ve had videos wrongfully yanked in the past week are F.D. Signifier, Ask…

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