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Female King Reviews The Woman King

Woman King Review

[embed]https://taueret.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/20220927_193552.mp4[/embed] [sc name="voiceme" ][/sc] My impression of the movie everybody’s talking about lately. Official Trailer No point in “boycotting” this movie unless you’re boycotting Hollywood in general. Regardless, if you’re going to claim to be offended by people lying to you, then you should be giving more support to the people telling you the truth.…

Making YouTube Work for You – YouTube

Making YouTube Work

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsAECOcd3IM&ab_channel=K.Sis.NicoleLasher%28Ibtisam70%29[/embed] What you should do to make YouTube worth your efforts.I’ve been building sites and running a non traditional ministry and cultural mission since 1996. By now I’ve learned a few things that can help you make this machine make some money. I stay under the radar on purpose, but I’ve helped a few people…

TikTok Has Been Breached

If you see anything unusual going on in your account, know that TikTok has been breached. The hacker(s) claiming responsibility is #AgainstTheWest. According to this article, the thing to do at this point is change your passwords and enable two factor authentication. So go do that. Read the Twitter announcement from @AnonZenn here: https://twitter.com/AnonZenn/status/1566537232793624594?s=20&t=EJo1a6JaBpbN9_pi33XikQ  …

Is YouTube racist? CoryxKenshin’s allegations | With Comments From the Africans.live Webmatron

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJoYTEmYTtg&ab_channel=LovelytiTV[/embed] Good morning Youtube is finally being called out on their racism and favoritism! Thank you Cory for keeping it real and saying what a lot of black creator with HUGE platforms won’t say! here is a full break down on this drama! The Carlos Maza vs. Crowder scandal happened back in 2019. How did…

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