TikTok Has Been Breached

If you see anything unusual going on in your account, know that TikTok has been breached. The hacker(s) claiming responsibility is #AgainstTheWest. According to this article, the thing to do at this point is change your passwords and enable two factor authentication. So go do that. Read the Twitter announcement…

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Is YouTube racist? CoryxKenshin’s allegations | With Comments From the Africans.live Webmatron

Good morning Youtube is finally being called out on their racism and favoritism! Thank you Cory for keeping it real and saying what a lot of black creator with HUGE platforms won’t say! here is a full break down on this drama! The Carlos Maza vs. Crowder scandal happened back…

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WitchUniversity.com Monday Live: Hot Saucery and Kintsugi – YouTube

Hot Saucery

It’s the hottest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, nerves are raw, and tensions are high. Join us to discuss how your witching is going in this hot summer, and learn how you can help to cool things down, support your friends with seasonal issues, and work this…

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Monday Live – YouTube

Ask your questions about witchcraft, African diaspora spirituality, or whatever you’d like to know about me within reason. Let’s discuss some things. Click here for Part 2: Afroscientific Spirituality with Efe West , and Part 3: Being a Black Woman Practicing an ADTR in Israel.

Next Monday Live, August 1, 2022.