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Our Ancestors Didn’t Escape Into the Woods to Do Shabbat

My comments: Some people are ignorant dupes, but some are purposefully misleading people for blood money. Disinformation is big business these days, and they will say some outrageous stuff. If it helps there are some former members of the Black Hebrews who’ve repatriated back to Africa and figured out from Ga and Igbo elders that they didn’t come from Hebrews. It was the other way around if there’s connection at all. Many orthodox Jews believe in African origins of the Hebrew people, not “lost tribes”. There was some back and forth, but the place for them to go back to was Africa. So we have no business selling our ancestors for late comers and fairytales. Olodumare and Yahweh aren’t even remotely the same deity. Yahweh wasn’t the Prime even in his original pantheon. It is sad that so many hate themselves so much that they’ll take a derivative of a derivative over the original.

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