Beautiful Bamoun sister on the beaches of Fort Monroe | Roots to Glory Tours (@roots_to_glory) • Instagram reel

Roots to Glory Tours shared a post on Instagram: “With our beautiful Bamoun sister on the beaches of Fort Monroe, Virginia!! … .. #africa #africandance #africanlanding #project1619 #1619project #history #bamoun #tikar #foumban #cameroon #ourstory #ourculture #culture #blessings #cleansing #roots #rootstoglorytours”. Follow their account to see 2942 posts. Source: Roots to…

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Salewa Abeni Astonishingly Appears At A Birthday Party With Her Hip-hop Singer Son As Money Rains – YouTube

Interesting. For someone who advises to stay away from homosexuality, she and her peers seem to love Gay designers. What wasn’t art nouveau was art deco and vise versa. The only thing looking straight there was the security, and well, everyone knows about the hypermasculine image.   Such hypocrisy, although…

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