Village Chicken Barbeque: African Village Life – Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Food

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Chicken Barbeque In this video, Miss Dosha makes some delicious barbecue chicken legs, chips, and a wonderful soup for dipping and soaking the chips. If you like poutine, you will love this creamy soup made with vegetables and the leftover marinade from the…

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African Village Life Recipe for Dodoki Stew | Miss Dosha – YouTube

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Village Food// Dodoki

In this video, Miss Dosha makes a delicious fried dodoki (cucumber) stew. Most people in the west don’t know that cucumbers are good for more than salad. Cooked cucumbers taste similar to zucchini but retain a more slippery and less mushy texture, which makes them wonderful in stews. Subscribe to Miss Dosha’s channel for more wonderful Giriamalan recipes.


I fell sick, Beyoncé dropped an album for the gays and I cooked up a storm | WEEKLY VLOG #10 – YouTube

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Vic shares his week and shows us his recipe for mishai aboki Indomie noodles. If you haven’t tried this yet you should because it really turns a pack of noodles and some veggies into a meal.

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Hi, welcome to my channel, if this is your first time visiting my channel, please don’t forget to like my video, comment, share, subscribe, and click on the notification bell for more videos, thanks for the support. in this video, you are going to watch how to cook coconut rice, this recipe is a very special dish, please watch to the end

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