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When rights are rolled back

When rights are rolled back
What in gay hell is going on??? 🫣 When rights are rolled back | Khadija Mbowe from YouTube

Link to resources and Works Citedhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1SxO_WrJo-2xozoBdfVNAX49PjEgaqxFzDruJTRIhpAU/edit?usp=share_linkCreator, Producer, HostKh…

https://youtu.be/nWYw-s7rNCE The cycle of progression and regression that has played out many times in history, and is happening again today. Be aware so you don’t get conned into being on the wrong side of history. You are mortal. It will be too late to stand for freedom and justice when you’re gone.

The Confusing Nature of Black Conservatives

The Confusing Nature of Black Conservatives
The Confusing Nature of Black Conservatives from YouTube

An 18 year old leftist who isn’t white talks about black conservatism in a Garfield sweater for 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 3 seconds.


How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?

How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?
How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists? from YouTube

Exposing the connection between homophobia and racism, American politics, and mass shootings.


ALL BLACK People Should Be Aware of the Nigerian Elections 2023


On Saturday, 25 February 2023, Nigerians will, in theory, go to the polls and elect a new Head of State for the first time in 8 years. Whilst this may seem like an irrelevant election in a so-called “Third World Country”, it is incredibly crucial to the global African diaspora. ALL BLACK People Should Be…

Racism in Germany | DW Documentary

Racism in Germany
Racism in Germany | DW Documentary from YouTube

“I was born in Germany. German is my mother tongue. I was in Africa just once in my life – on a package holiday,” says Konrad Erben, a student in Jena. Nevertheless, many people insist Erben can’t be German because he is Black. But Afro-Germans have been living in Germany for a long time. Hundreds came from German colonies during the Imperial period. Some appeared in spectacles known as “Völkerschauen.” Others came to get an education. Mandenga Diek was the first African to become a German citizen in 1896. A successful salesman, he campaigned for civil rights with an organization called the “Afrikanischer Hilfsverein.” It marked the beginning of an organization for the Black community in Germany.

During the Nazi period, Afro-Germans were misused in propaganda films. For example, they played alongside Heinz Rühmann in the film “Quax in Africa.” Many were also subject to forced sterilization and imprisoned in concentration camps. After World War II, black US troops had relationships with German women in occupied Germany. Their children were put up for adoption in the United States. Those who remained were marginalized by racists daily. A former member of the German national soccer team, Erwin Kostedde, recalls his experiences in this film. Gabriela Willbold became the first black child to attend school in Cottbus. She took the anti-racist assertions of Communist East Germany literally and refused to tolerate any discrimination.

In “Black and German,” four generations of men and women speak of their moving, rousing and proud history. This documentary is about racism, survival and self-empowerment.

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