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How To Bake Ghana Tart | Ghana Tight Recipe

Ghana Tight Tart
How To Bake Ghana Tart | Ghana Tight Recipe (YouTube)

Soft flour – 4 cups sugar 1 cup Margarine 1cup Salt 1/2 teaspoonBaking powder 1 teaspoonBaking soda 1teaspoonNut meg 1 teaspoon Milk half cup Yellow food col…

https://youtu.be/oKz8FV2YmTw Ghana tarts, also known as tights, are something between a mildly sweet sugar cookie and a shortbread that are great for tea. Everybody has their own variations, but the basic proportions are 4 parts flour to 1 part sugar, to 1 part margarine, to 1/2 part milk or water, 1 teaspoon each of both…

How A Cameroonian Lady Makes A Living From Fried Corn And Groundnuts ( Peanuts) – YouTube

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca2ETaMBj84&ab_channel=FarmerTantoh[/embed] Belinda is a single mother who makes a living from frying corn and peanut. Because of the heat from the fire, she hopes she could get help to build an oven and also buy packaging materials so she can start exporting this snack out of the country.    

Daring combos expected at the Soweto Kota Festival as it returns from a two-year heitus – YouTube

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCeOX5tQpbM[/embed] It comes with different names like Kota, Sphahlo, iSkhambhani or bunny chow it all depends on which township you have visited. The Soweto Kota Festival is making a comeback this year and promises to bring you only the best combos. The festival will present the best of the local cuisine, from the Kota chefs…

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