Female King Reviews The Woman King – YouTube

Woman King Review

My impression of the movie everybody’s talking about lately. Official Trailer No point in “boycotting” this movie unless you’re boycotting Hollywood in general. Regardless, if you’re going to claim to be offended by people lying to you, then you should be giving more support to the people telling you the…

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My boss is a racist robot – YouTube

F.D. Signifier deals with the realization that YouTube is not on the side of African content creators. You have to make YouTube work for you, not work for YouTube. On YouTube, you are like a street performer and YouTube is like a mafia that takes over 99% of the money…

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Dragons aren’t real *whispers* but your racial bias is…😬 Khadija Mbowe Live – YouTube

This week we’ll be discussing the world’s reaction to Elizabeth dying, Kim K stepping into her next form, and chat representations benefits and limits using all this “sci-fi/fantasy is too woke now” whinin- I mean discourse…All jokes and eye rolls aside, this will (hopefully) be a fun, educational, and chill…

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Why didn’t Africans know what AAs go through in America When Hollywood was selling the “American Dream” to the world, they failed to reveal the nightmare African and Indigenous Americans were experiencing. Ivie Anita explains why Africans from all over the continent fell for the scam and how to warn…

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SANGO – Latest Classic Yoruba Movie 2019 New Release This Week – YouTube

Sango 1997

Sango: The Legendary African King is a Latest Classic Yoruba Movie 2019 New Release This Week, written by Wale Ogunyemi, produced and directed by Obafemi Lasode. The film depicts the life and reign of the legendary fifteenth century African king Sango, who ruled as the Alaafin of Oyo and became…

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