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LadySpeech Sankofa and Uppity Negress Live Chat Coming Soon

Heauxly Spirit
LadySpeech Sankofa and Uppity Negress Live Chat Coming Soon (LadySpeech Sankofa)

Drink yo water.
Eat yo veggies.
Warn the Podcast fuck boys of impending danger.

Because Uppity Negress and I are coming.

Ya’ll wanted a podcast…. We got you. Stay tuned. Go like the Heauxly Spirit Podcast in Facebook to keep up with the updates. #LadySpeech #UppityNegress #Podcast #HeauxlySpirit

The Cult of Fresh and Fit

The Cult of Fresh and Fit
The Cult of Fresh and Fit from YouTube

#freshandfit #videoessay #freshandfitpodcast
Fresh and Fit are on the rise despite their claims of cancel culture out to deplatform them. Let’s talk about them.

This video took hours of mostly listening to the Fresh and Fit Philosophy. I probably lost a few brain cells for this one but a worthy sacrifice because there are a lot of conversations we need to have about the rise in alpha podcasts. I actually got lucky with Fresh and Fit linking directly to multiple sources that funny enough disagree with them flat out; but even that isn’t enough. Because Fresh and Fit are a symptom. Just a piece of the pie that are making sure to take their slice of the $$$. In the end I hope you’re entertained by my video about Fresh and Fit.


OBT is Now ImageR Social

100% Pro-Black period. I ain't explaining shit.Update your bookmarks and start your new account. OBT Social is making big changes, and one of them is a new platform: ImageR Social.

The new layout is more up to date and image forward. I don’t know for certain yet, but I suspect this will be an even better replacement for “YT” than it was before.

If you were on OBT, you will need to make a new account at ImageR, but they will import your content. So get over there and sign up.

Coach Stormy’s Vibrations | Why Shady Businesses Attract So Many Black Women

How and why so many African American women get sucked into MLM’s and shady businesses. She goes into the way they target us and lure us with promises of a better life and beating the system. Then they fail us and turn around and blame us for a lack of success when they never intended to bring us success, just make money for the top tier scam artists.


How YouTube Disrespected Kat Blaque At a Recent Event

Kat Blaque

As if you didn’t need more encouragement for breaking dependency on YouTube and other of the mainstream (read defaulting to “white” supremacist) platforms, this is how they disrespected Kat Blaque at a recent event. They tokenize her as the trifecta “Big, Black, Trans” woman to prove their supposed diversity, but then, well, I’ll let her…

YouTubers! Make Sure You Have Other Sources of Income Now!

[sc name="voiceme" ][/sc] There has been a disturbing trend in YouTube. Anyone standing up against any kind of discrimination is being targeted. Their videos are not only being demonetized, but wrongly flagged as “violating community standards”. So far, people I know of who’ve had videos wrongfully yanked in the past week are F.D. Signifier, Ask…

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