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Juneteenth 8cre
Juneteenth | 8cre from 8cre

Juneteenth is a recognition of American history where on June 19, 1865 (only 156 years ago) more than 250,000 enslaved black people were informed they were free. This was an astounding 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed in 1863. The month of June is a specific time to reflect on this moment of history, reconcile with the past, present and how we see the future. Black Americans are only 2-3 generations removed from slavery and still suffer from systems permeated with racial bias. The fight for true and complete freedom still continues.

This year, the Supporters of 8CRE at NIH will observe Juneteenth over the first 19 days of June, with a focus towards the wellness of self, family/friends, and community.    We encourage all those interested in participating in these 19 Days of Wellness to engage in various activities that promote health and wellness (suggested actions…

LadySpeech Sankofa and Uppity Negress Live Chat Coming Soon

Heauxly Spirit
LadySpeech Sankofa and Uppity Negress Live Chat Coming Soon (LadySpeech Sankofa)

Drink yo water.
Eat yo veggies.
Warn the Podcast fuck boys of impending danger.

Because Uppity Negress and I are coming.

Ya’ll wanted a podcast…. We got you. Stay tuned. Go like the Heauxly Spirit Podcast in Facebook to keep up with the updates. #LadySpeech #UppityNegress #Podcast #HeauxlySpirit

Yemi Mobolade to become 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs

NEWS | Yemi Mobolade to become 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs by an author from Colorado Springs Gazette

Highlights from Yemi Mobolade’s watch party on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at the COS City Hub in Colorado Springs. According to preliminary, unofficial results, Mobolade defeated Wayne Williams by about 15 percentage points, becoming the city’s first elected Black mayor and the first Colorado Springs mayor who isn’t a registered Republican in the more than four decades since the city began electing mayors directly in 1979. (Video by Skyler Ballard/ The Gazette)

  Mobolade’s decisive victory represents a seismic political surprise in Colorado Springs, long known as a conservative stronghold. Though the city’s municipal elections are nonpartisan, Mobalade, who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, will be the first mayor not affiliated with the Republican party since Colorado Springs started electing mayors 45 years ago. He…

The REAL Faces of Black Conservatism

The REAL Faces of Black Conservatism
The REAL Faces of Black Conservatism from YouTube

The hidden history of Black leftism, and the real face of Black conservatives in the U.S.
Please support me by signing up for Nebula- https://go.nebula.tv/fdsignifierWatch my Nebula original on the Boondocks here— https://nebula.tv/videos/working…


Asian Businesses in the Black Communities Explained

Asian Businesses in the Black Communities Explained
Asian Businesses in the Black Communities Explained from YouTube

We’re breaking down some of the origins and history behind why Asian Businesses are primarily located in the Black Communities. We dive into some research around the Civil Rights act, the history of immigration and chat with @circusfaery33

Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know if you’re interested in a part two to these conversations and research! Research over mesearch and remember, education is elevation.


When rights are rolled back

When rights are rolled back
What in gay hell is going on??? 🫣 When rights are rolled back | Khadija Mbowe from YouTube

Link to resources and Works Citedhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1SxO_WrJo-2xozoBdfVNAX49PjEgaqxFzDruJTRIhpAU/edit?usp=share_linkCreator, Producer, HostKh…

https://youtu.be/nWYw-s7rNCE The cycle of progression and regression that has played out many times in history, and is happening again today. Be aware so you don’t get conned into being on the wrong side of history. You are mortal. It will be too late to stand for freedom and justice when you’re gone.

Most Africans I’ve talked to don’t seem to know Trump supports neo nazis.

History will remember.

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Vishal P. Singh (@vps_reports_2.0) If Trump, DeSantis, or any of those “white” supremacists wins the presidency again, what will happen to Africa will be what would have happened…

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