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Juneteenth 8cre
Juneteenth | 8cre from 8cre

Juneteenth is a recognition of American history where on June 19, 1865 (only 156 years ago) more than 250,000 enslaved black people were informed they were free. This was an astounding 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed in 1863. The month of June is a specific time to reflect on this moment of history, reconcile with the past, present and how we see the future. Black Americans are only 2-3 generations removed from slavery and still suffer from systems permeated with racial bias. The fight for true and complete freedom still continues.

This year, the Supporters of 8CRE at NIH will observe Juneteenth over the first 19 days of June, with a focus towards the wellness of self, family/friends, and community.    We encourage all those interested in participating in these 19 Days of Wellness to engage in various activities that promote health and wellness (suggested actions…

The #50BucksBeatsCancer Challenge – Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation Fundraiser

50 Bucks to Beat Cancer Fundraiser
The #50BucksBeatsCancer Challenge – Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation Fundraiser from YouTube

The #50BucksBeatsCancer Challenge is an opportunity to support a great cause. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green developed a cancer killing machine that uses lasers and nanotechnology to target and kill cancer tumors in mice in just 15 days after a single 10-minute treatment with no observable side effects. We can help the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation (OraLee.org) bring this groundbreaking cancer treatment out of the laboratory and into human clinical trials, while making it affordable for everyone. Take the challenge and spread the word!


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