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'Central Park Five’ member Yusef Salaam wins New York City Council seat

Yusef Salaam, the author and activist who was wrongfully convicted and incarcerated as a member of the “Central Park Five,” has won a seat on the New York City Council, The Associated Press projects. Salaam ran unopposed after winning the

'The Woman King & The Real History of The West African Kingdom of Dahomey' - Prof. James Small - YouTube

Prof. James Small, former Black Studies Prof. at CUNY and featured in the films, 'Hapi', 'Hidden Colors' & 'Elementary Genocide 3', joins Michael Imhotep to

‘Gangs of Lagos’ film, a mockery of our heritage — Lagos govt| Davido and Wizkid Fans|

"DAWN OF THUNDER" 3D Animated Short Film (100% made in NIGERIA) - YouTube

This short film/proof of concept has been able to secure funding a while ago and the feature length movie is in production. Thanks for the love and support.For up to date information on

"House System" Socio-political Structure of the Niger Delta before the British conquest - YouTube

This political structure was unique because it was not known to have existed any other place in Africa and the rest of the world.It was based on association and economic

“Revolutionary” Cult Leader Gazi Kodzo Arrested On Multiple Charges Including Sodomy & Kidnapping - YouTube

This is the story of a young man in the U.S. who hijacked the revolution to feed his ego. He set himself up as someone who was sincerely interested in saving the world and the country, but in truth he was a traitor who called the police, CPS, ICE,

30 Minute Fun Advance Wheelchair Cardio Fitness Workout for Limited Mobility | Adapted Exercise!

359ème édition de Situtu: Hounnongan BEHUMBEZA et les membres de l'AAMDB prient pour la paix - YouTube

Original Text: La 359ème édition de la cérémonie annuelle religieuse et traditionnelle Situtu s'est déroulée le dimanche 18 septembre 2022 à Togbin Daho dans la

7 things you probably don't know about Pele

Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈɛdsõ(w) aˈɾɐ̃tʃiz du nasiˈmẽtu]; 23 October 1940 – 29 December 2022), known by his nickname Pelé (Portuguese pronunciation: [peˈlɛ]), was a Brazilian

8 Mind blowing Rice Recipes for your next Party

8 Tasty Recipes for Chicken Lovers

https://youtu.be/s3t6ATxtwxM Webmatron's notes: These eight chicken recipes will take your chicken game to the next level. In my opinion, they are the set that every aspiring home cook should learn because they cover the bases as far as range of

91-year-old Boston schools pioneer Jean McGuire stabbed several times in Franklin Park - CBS Boston

Local News91-year-old Boston schools pioneer Jean McGuire stabbed several times in Franklin ParkbostonBy CBSBoston.com StaffUpdated on: October 12, 2022 / 5:13 PM / CBS BostonJAMAICA PLAIN – Ninety-one-year-old Jean McGuire, the first Black woman

A 28 Years Old Lady Left America To South Sudan & Now Own 19 Acres Farm! - YouTube

The Image of Africa has been distorted around the globe and we are changing the narratives via Youtube videos One Country At Time.Until the history of Africa is told by Africans, the

A Black Women's History of Hair

A Brief History Of Judeo-Christian Religions | Dr. Walter Williams

https://youtu.be/ZO45S2si7cQ Dr. Walter Williams gives a brief history of Judeo-Christian religions, how they were formed, why they were formed, who formed them,  and how the formation of the religions affected African people. The Europeans


A Pioneer In STI Testing | Dr. Jane Hinton - YouTube

She became a pioneer in STI testing. Both Dr. Jane Hinton and Howard Mueller co-developed the Mueller-Hinton Agar. The Mueller-Hinton Agar was developed to isolate the bacteria that

A Quick And Easy Egg stew like you've never tasted before

https://youtu.be/tII1nG3sWZE Click here for the full recipe in the

A Realistic Day in My Life- Single & Living in Nigeria - Work, What I Eat, Chores - Zeelicious Foods - YouTube

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an elegant woman living in Lagos Nigeria looks

A South African NDUMISO MONA with bare hands fought with a leopard and k!lled In - YouTube

A South African man by the name Ndumiso Mona who fought with a leopard and killed it with his own bare


About the forest that inspired many stories by Chief Daniel Orowole Olorunfemi

A.I. and Stochastic Parrots | FACTUALLY with Emily Bender and Timnit Gebru

Africa Benefits in Russia-Ukraine Wheat Deal, Mali Axes UN Spokesperson, South Africa Beats Morocco - YouTube

African leaders welcome Russia-Ukraine wheat dealChad opposition groups to take part in peace talksMali Orders United Nations Spokesperson to Leave the CountryWafcon 2022: South Africa beat

Africa Matters: App breathes life into Cameroon's hospitals

A new app in Cameroon has revolutionized communication between health workers and patients. It makes it easier for nurses to monitor patients, and improve their

Africa Matters: Somalia's Fight Against Al Shabab

https://youtu.be/VHDsQIUeY4Y Somalia says it's gaining ground after launching an all-out military offensive against Al Shabab. Security analyst Abdisalam Guled says it's the first time the people are joining forces with the Somali government to

Africa Prior to Colonization and How Did Europeans Conquer Our Ancestors

Africa Reacts to American Missionaries Being a Grave Danger to Your African Child - YouTube

Africa Reacts to American Missionaries Being a Grave Danger to Your African


African American Woman Warns Other AAs About Going To Africa


In This Episode, Papa Ojo Was Awarded A Contract Of Million, But Needed A White Man from America. Ojo Linked Him Up With One, But Something Happened! Find


African Village Life - Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Pasta

Miss Dosha makes handmade pasta noodles with a rich golden coconut milk and onion sauce. It is different from Italian pasta, and made without

African Village Life Recipe for Dodoki Stew | Miss Dosha - YouTube

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Village Food// Dodoki In this video, Miss Dosha makes a delicious fried dodoki (cucumber) stew. Most people in the west don't know that

African Women, Pan-Africanism, & African Resistance: Sarraounia Mangou & Queens of the Hausa Kingdom

This video speaks into Sarraounias or Queens of the Hausa Kingdoms. Taking a look at one particular Queen/Sarraounia; Mangou of what is today the country of


https://youtu.be/38vHkb30wmQ Folks are starting to wake up across

Africans Killed in UN Protests,France Told to Recognize Colonial Crimes, Russia's Lavrov in Africa - YouTube

Russia's Lavrov tours Africa to strengthen Bilateral ties.Cameroon parties have called on France to recognize colonial crimes.Five die in big anti-UN protests in DR CongoZimbabwe Begins

Africans.live April 2023 Favorites

If you would like your video featured in the current month's playlist, feel free to contact

Africans.live January Favorites From YouTube

These are our favorite videos from YouTube in January 2023. Remember, you can add your channel or video or contact us to let us know about things you think we

AFRO POLAND: Black History in Poland!

Afro-Colombian Women Used Braids To Create Escape Maps

moyoafrika🇨🇴 The history of slavery is filled with stories of momentous innovation and sheer resilience. One of these is how the Enslaved Afro-Colombian woman in Colombia devised ways to escape slavery through cornrows – a hairstyle resembling

Afro-Picks Discussion of the Film _Junebug_

We’re discussing the film “Junebug” with filmmaker Winter Dunn and our host Derrick Sherrier Jr. “Junebug” explores the fierce love between a daughter and father, the complexities of an

AfroLatinidad Òrìṣà Song Translation 10: Iyalawa Oricha O (Ìyá Là Wá, Òrìṣà O) | Cuba

AfroLatinidad Òrìṣà Song Translation 11: Ile Nitewo Yemoja (Ilé Ni Ìtẹ́ Ìwọ Yemọja) | Carribean

https://youtu.be/xb-jLiGuYsk In this video, I explored the lyrics of Yèyé Ella Andall's song for Yemọja. Thank you so much for watching and for your support. ⏯ R E L A T E D P L A Y L I S T    • Translations of A...   🔗 L I N K S 🗂️: All:

After Migration: Calabria

A triumphant portrait of a boy who left his home and a single-mother who birthed her child in a refugee camp, as they transcend difficult histories while settling… Watch: After Migration:

Ahmose: The Return Ep. 1 The 'Kemetville™ 'Journey

https://www.youtube.com/live/sAF3lqVo2ms?feature=share 1. Help fund the Kemetville™ Web Series by Visiting ShakkaAhmose.com where you can purchase our KVille Collection™ fine ware TShirts, the Official Kemetville™ Web Series clothing. While there

Airfare Rises As Delta and Adamawa Travelers Pay The Highest

https://youtu.be/yIkmOa0BrvI Travellers from Delta and Adamawa states are those paying the highest as airfares rise across the

Alcorn State SOD + Golden Girls | Marching In vs Jackson State (Soul Bowl) 2022

https://youtu.be/d0X982QkwsI Marching band and a fabulous drill team in the Soul

Alexandra obochi (@fatshionistaa) Spinback on TikTok

ALL BLACK People Should Be Aware of the Nigerian Elections 2023

On Saturday, 25 February 2023, Nigerians will, in theory, go to the polls and elect a new Head of State for the first time in 8 years. Whilst this may seem like an irrelevant election in a so-called "Third World Country", it is incredibly

American Pro Chefs Try Nigerian Food For The First Time

An American has built the MOST AMAZING RESORT in GHANA

an exile's journey

Bheki was just amazing A beautiful and energetic dance and drumming

Ancestor Bottles Custom Order|@goddessmotherofor | TikTok Videos

Order now on


ANIME HOUSE 6 THE FINALE IS FINALLY HERE! Obviously if you watch anime you will understand some things better, but honestly even if you don't we think you'll still

Answering your burning questions about my life as a Nigerian GAY man | q&a - YouTube

VicWonder answers viewers' questions about himself and being a Gay man in

Apologies To Queen Ashley Afolasade Ogunwusi As The Truth Is Now Exposed & Ooni Of Ife Golden Silence

Apparently I'm Not Black

A Caribbean Black man runs afoul of the republican blood money recipients and blackfishing cubicle trolls on

Are Africans Suffering From Severe Brainwashing? - YouTube

The Image of AFRICA has been DISTORTED around the WORLD & We are CHANGING the NARRATIVES via YOUTUBE videos One Country At Time.Until the HISTORY of AFRICA is told

Are we turning away from Seggs Positive Feminism? 🧐 Khadija Mbowe - YouTube

Books: Re-thinking Sex- Chirstine Emba | Pleasure Activism- adrienne maree brown | All about Love- bell hooks | The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century- Amia

Asian Businesses in the Black Communities Explained

Ask Me (Nearly) Anything About Odinani, Igbo Spirituality- YouTube

The Medicine Shell answers your questions about Igbo Spirituality, Odinani. The main topic is when you should go to a Dibia. [su_button

ATL Beatdown Percussion Showcase

Attorney General Will Hold Accountable Every Criminal Responsible For January 6 | The Daily Show - YouTube

As Phase 1 of the January 6 hearings come to a close, the Attorney General has said that he will ensure every criminal person involved will be held


Back & Forth is back from the dead! Today we discuss things what we would rather do, how would you go about

Bal Ej: The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia - documentary by Irene Orleansky (English/Russian subtitles) - YouTube

Some of their ancient traditions trace back to biblical times and have been completely forgotten by the rest of the world.The film "Bal Ej: the Hidden Jews of Ethiopia" lifts the curtains

Bawku Conflict: Psychologists needed to assist traumatised students – RISE Ghana Director

https://youtu.be/RgIxY__v-Ws Read more about the Bawku

Bayajjida's story: The Analysis of the Authenticity. - YouTube

The Bayajjida's Legend has been pushed out context. The attempt by some schools of thought to present it as a possible origin of the Hausa people or the possible origin of the Hausa

Be Careful! Do Not Touch Any Strange Objects On Your Doors

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Pharmacy Black (@pharmacyblack)   Do not touch any strange objects on your door or

Beautiful African Culture - Masquerade Parade - Aworo Celebrating Owena Festival 2022 Ep1 - YouTube

Beautiful African Culture - Masquerade Parade - Aworo Celebrating Owena Festival 2022 Ep1 [su_button url="https://youtu.be/DfM6qyGZwU0" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28"

Beautiful Bamoun sister on the beaches of Fort Monroe | Roots to Glory Tours (@roots_to_glory) • Instagram reel

Roots to Glory Tours shared a post on Instagram: "With our beautiful Bamoun sister on the beaches of Fort Monroe, Virginia!! … .. #africa #africandance #africanlanding #project1619 #1619project #history #bamoun #tikar #foumban #cameroon #ourstory

Being Black & Giving Birth in Japan (Black in Japan) - YouTube

Being Black & Giving Birth in Japan. My wife and I recently welcomed our second child into the world. This video detailed our experience, specifically that of my wife's being a black

Best and Worst Dressed @ VMAs 2022 | Men

Vic Wonder gives us his ratings for the best and worst dressed men at the VMA 2022 awards. He lets us know who brought it and who left it. He also has a video rating women's styles for the

BEST Oxtails and Pasta Recipe I’ve Ever Made!! (Amazingly Delicious) | Val’s Kitchen

BEST West African Food!! ORIGINAL JOLLOF RICE in Senegal, Africa!! (Don’t Miss It!!)

SAINT LOUIS, SENEGAL - Welcome to Saint Louis, a cultural capital city in northern Senegal, on the bank of the Senegal River, Atlantic Ocean, and near the border of

Black & Missing in America - A short film

HBO Special on the problem of missing Black people in the U.S. Follow their Facebook

Black Capitalism Will NOT save us. - YouTube

Black Femicide and Intimate Partner Violence: A History

Black Gay Voices: Darryl Stephens


Black Wall Street Burning Director's Cut (2021) | FREE Full Movie - YouTube

This film is a retelling of the worst act of American terrorism and racism in American History. The Tulsa race massacre of 1921, when mobs of white residents rampaged. attacked, and

Bokor Leonard Elmira: OPEN Q & A LIVE CALL IN 973 395-6455

Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi, Kwamkaso & Sowore Signed Peace Accord Agreement In Abuja

Bombay Africans: Story of Freed Slaves and their Contributions to the European Activities in Africa - YouTube

The name 'Bombay Africans' was given to Africans who had been rescued from the slave ships operating in the Indian Ocean. They were helpful in the anti-slavery movement and in Christian

BREAKING: Pearson reinstated to Tennessee Legislature: ‘Let’s get back to work’

CACTUS ROTI with curry chickpeas and sorrel pineapple juice

In this video you will learn how to make cactus rotti, with curry chickpeas. pineapple juice with sorrel. the cactus fruit is a interesting one to eat. it's rich in allot of nutrients that the body needs. if you wish to learn more about this

Cake Baking In A Simple Way Without An Oven

Rose is back with a recipe and instructions for baking a cake without an oven. I can vouch for this working because I had to do this in my last apartment where I had no oven. I baked cakes


CAKES DA KILLA: NO HOMO is an electrifying portrait of a young artist determined to live life on his own terms. Born Rashard Bradshaw, Cakes Da Killa is a 22 year… Watch: CAKES DA KILLA: NO

Camila Cabello - psychofreak (official music artvideo) ft WILLOW

Can We Bring The Dead Back To Life?

https://youtu.be/LwFcMVLh7xQ Can we bring people back from the dead? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice discuss restoring dead cells, the nature of consciousness, Frankenstein's monster, zombies, and more with

Capoeira - ObaOgunlano (@obaogunlano) - TikTok

Capoeira! #DestinyIsKing #capoeiraoriginal sound -


This year, the Supporters of 8CRE at NIH will observe Juneteenth over the first 19 days of June, with a focus towards the wellness of self, family/friends, and community.    We encourage all those interested in participating in these 19


Kabiyesi TV celebrates the first year anniversary of the coronation of the current Olofin of Isheri and Adimula of Aworiland with an interview and information of

Channel 77 Kenya Election Livestreams - YouTube

Chenda Chenda Festival 2022: Kaya Elders Urge Peace

Kaya elders call for peace and unity among the nine tribes of coastal

Chicken Pilau and homemade tamarind chili sauce: a match made in heaven

Chicken Spaghetti

Church Boy | Black LGBTQ Comedy Film | Sampson McCormick

https://youtu.be/ABmS1veOcvg In a sold out performance at the DC Comedy Loft, award winning comedian and writer Sampson McCormick takes on issues including black gay men's experiences in barber shops, gentrification, the costs of living, dating,

Clean Girl Makeup Look for Dark Skin

https://youtu.be/nQ9n8mhNziE In today's video i'm sharing how i do my "clean girl" makeup, it was really fun doing it and filming this video for you guys, so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i did filming it

Coach Stormy's Vibrations | Why Shady Businesses Attract So Many Black Women

https://youtu.be/V9JOaCRNYHY How and why so many African American women get sucked into MLM's and shady businesses. She goes into the way they target us and lure us with promises of a better life and beating the system. Then they fail us and turn

Coconut and Steamed Corn : African Village Life Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Food - YouTube

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food In this video you'll learn how to eat a fresh coconut and how to make steamed matere (young

Colonial Agricultural Policies and Activities in Africa - YouTube

Agricultural activities during the colonial era in Africa were restructured to suit the desires of the Europeans.The major structure was focused on the availability of raw materials which

Coming October 9: Live Chat With Onuora Abuah of AEA Films

https://youtu.be/bUqGCSWcKD8 The Woman King (2022) is a mammoth effort for a Hollywood movie which attempts to tell the tale of the Agojie/Mino fighters of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the early 19th century. Onuora will be discussing the history

Community Announcement and Updates

In light of recent events in the internet and tech business, I've been doing some serious thinking about the future of my sites. Many mistakes have been made, and I do my best to try to learn from others' and not make too

Congo's Wazalendo fighters push M23 Rebels towards Rwanda, Uganda in violent fighting

https://youtu.be/f2XemYGNOx0?si=ar3V5txIUxwyyWOP M23 rebels in the eastern DR Congo on Thursday launched a new offensive north of the provincial capital Goma, an AFP team observed, as fighting with pro-government armed groups continued further


Cooking and Sweating in Haifa Israel | Nicole Lasher (@nicolelasher2) TikTok

Cooking black eyed peas, johnny cakes, rice, slow cooked beef brisket, and cornbread in Haifa Israel. Yes, it's hot, but my people gotta

cooking BEANS FLOUR dumplings with SHEA BUTTER TOMATO STEW in Ghana - west africa |kpogulo, danwake

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2fUyE86gio&ab_channel=TatianaHaina cooking BEANS FLOUR dumplings with SHEA BUTTER TOMATO STEW in Ghana|| west african dish this food is very common in the upper west region of Ghana. my stay in WA thought me how

Cooking On OLD CLAY STOVE in the Philippines

Coolio Gangsta’s Paradise (Sample Slice) RIP. Beat made on iPhone

Trying to see if the audio can get around the strike

Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story

Cosmic Queries – Dinosaur Discoveries with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Kimberly Chapelle - YouTube

What did dinosaurs really look like? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Marcia Belsky explore questions we all have about dinosaurs, fossils, feathers, and asteroids

Could The Last Of Us Happen IRL? Surgeon Reacts To Cordyceps Infection & Zombie Fungus

Countries In Africa That Were Not Colonised - YouTube

DAHOMEY KINGDOM OF THE MOST FEARED WOMEN IN HISTORY | What Happened in the Dahomey Kingdom | - YouTube

DAHOMEY KINGDOM OF THE MOST FEARED WOMEN IN HISTORY | What Happened in Dahomey Kingdom |   [su_button url="https://youtu.be/gEgSKYrj9LQ" target="blank" style="soft"

Darfur refugees report new spate of ethnically driven killings

ADRE, Chad, Nov 7 (Reuters) - People fleeing to Chad have reported a new surge in ethnically-driven killings in Sudan's West Darfur as the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) took over the main army base in the state capital, El Geneina. On

Daring combos expected at the Soweto Kota Festival as it returns from a two-year heitus - YouTube

It comes with different names like Kota, Sphahlo, iSkhambhani or bunny chow it all depends on which township you have visited. The Soweto Kota Festival is making a comeback this year and

Depression: How To Survive

DeSantis Has People Arrested On Made Up Voter Fraud Charges

In a video compiled by the Tampa Bay Times, we are seeing how Governor DeSantis is dispatching police all over the state to hunt people down who were told by the state they could vote—and now are being arrested for

Do Today's Africans Really Hate African Americans? Lets Find Out!

Doctor:How to Protect yourself from Monkeypox, Blood Clots & Covid While TRAVELING! #monkeypox 2022 - YouTube

Informative and uptodate video with lots of pictures ( 2022) Watch this before you take your next trip. #doctor #monkeypox #traveltips I recently returned from New York and felt I would

Dosha and Chicken in Tomato Sauce: African Village Life Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Food

In today's episode, Miss Dosha makes dosha, thin and bubbly fried pancakes. She serves them with chicken and a tasty tomato and onion sauce. One can almost smell the

Dr. Runoko Rashidi Interview | On the Shoulders of Giants - YouTube

Dr. Runoko Rashidi is an anthropologist and historian with a major focus on what he calls the Global African Presence–that is, Africans outside of Africa before and after

Dragons aren’t real *whispers* but your racial bias is…😬 Khadija Mbowe Live - YouTube

This week we'll be discussing the world's reaction to Elizabeth dying, Kim K stepping into her next form, and chat representations benefits and limits using all this

Education through Storytelling and Climate Innovations

https://youtu.be/q1AnhORIvrs Catalyze action through the power of storytelling and Climate Educator solutions to amplify Climate Education. The main takeaway from the session is how we can leverage from diverse power of Storytellers and Climate

Essie Cooks Some Greens: Gobe and Esuka with Fosho

https://youtu.be/Imf8rr4fKjk Africans all over the world love our greens. It's one of those simple foods that is packed with nutrition and literally makes you feel better. It's like you can feel yourself getting healthier while you eat. [su_button

Ethiopian culture embroidery (yege sra baltna)

Ethiopian Pizza - How to make delicious homemade pizza

https://youtu.be/XVGgXChlgxo Ethiopian pizza is made flatbread style. You make a very wet yeast dough and cook it on your griddle, tabun, or electric griddle with a

Executor | Markiss McFadden | Action Movie | Drama Film | Full Length

Action Movie starring Markiss McFadden and Paul Sorvino: Executor - A ruthless assassin, trained to kill in the name of God by a corrupt priest, re-evaluates his life purpose after saving a

Explaining racism gently is a waste of time. - YouTube

MIDNIGHT EYE 2 days ago: I was just thinking about this yesterday; I was thinking about how exhausting it is having to explain racism in 2022. As if there hasn't been decades of

Exposing the dark sides of Lagos Fashion Week and the fashion Industry 🤬😨 - YouTube

How the fashion industry co-opts from LGBTQ culture and artists, but then fails to give the well deserved flowers for our creativity. Watch: Exposing the

Fake Magician - YouTube

The whole audition series is hilarious. This one is no exception. A fake magician tries to con the judges. [su_button url="https://youtu.be/0j6Pl-rSyZc" target="blank" style="soft"


Father and Son Initiation to Elesu - Facebook

Source: Àsà Òrìsà Aláàfin Òyó Èsìn Òrìsà Ìbílè  Facebook An Elesu is an initiated devotee of Orisha Esu (pronounced and often spelled "Eshu"). In the past, due to colonization and the spread of foreign interest based

Feira de mangaio - Un Léon dans le salon ( Cynthia Abraham, Arthur Alard )

Female King Reviews The Woman King

My impression of the movie everybody's talking about lately. Official Trailer No point in "boycotting" this movie unless you're boycotting

Fish Recipes | Fish Stew Recipe | Fish and Chips Recipe | Infoods

Florida A&M University Drumline FAMU - Palm Beach Lakes High School Battle of the Battery

Foreign and Local Military Mercenaries in Africa

Africa has been a play ground for Foreign military mercenaries for a very long time. The increased activities of military mercenaries was experienced during

Funky Academic Explains Peonage (Debt Slavery) and Why It's Important to Understand About Your Situation Today


https://youtu.be/pA73xN3Uvbg Learn to count and pluralize in the Ga language. Huniah also has a whole series of Ga language lessons. You can find past lessons and sign up for the formal course and learn more about the Ga culture at their blog Know

Ganvie - Africa's Largest City On the Water

https://youtu.be/MJugLAsmxEQ Wode Maya visits Ganvie, thought of by some as the "Venice of

Gender as Slavery

https://youtube.com/shorts/7W0DK10KPeo?feature=share Black folks are the last folks in the world who should be homophobic or transphobic. The only thing the colonial gender roles did was help our oppressors organize the exploitation of our

Georgia Mass Band vs New Orleans All-Star Band

https://youtu.be/oNoWdaMeK-o DRAMA! Battle of the bands both with co-ed

Ghana grants citizenship to African Americans & Caribbeans as part of beyond the return initiative

https://youtu.be/rNW0sIaBl2g If you are considering repatriation to Ghana, please contact the Ministry of Interior of Ghana. There are many advertised services, but there are also many scams. You should make sure to do all of your paperwork

Ghana; Gateway to Africa | AFROCHELLA Magic | Ghana Has Become The Hub Of Entertainment In Africa

GIANT LAND CRAB CATCHING - Jamaica Coconut Curry Style

Hunting land crabs and cooking up a good curry from

Giriamalan Chicken Tomato Stew - African Village Life - Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food - YouTube

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food Miss Dosha roasts chickens on charcoal, and then uses them to make a delicious tomato based stew. This is a

Giriamalan Fried Breakfast Sandwich | African Village Life - Miss Dosha - YouTube

African Village Life//Cooking Most Delicious Village Food for Breakfast Miss Dosha shows us how they make delicious fried sandwiches in her village. These are like egg toasts stuffed

Glimpses from "And Still We Rise" | The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History - Event

  Join The Wright in virtual presentations and discussions throughout the year as we share parts of our well-known core exhibit, And Still We Rise. We will feature objects and topics on display in the core exhibit. Watch: Glimpses from

Grammy Nominated Christian Rapper 'Phanatik' of The Cross Movement Publicly Renounces Christianity

Brady Goodwin Jr. is a former Christian as well as a 2x-Grammy nominated Christian rap artist, most known for his work as a part of the pioneering

Growing up in a south Sudanese household (why do boys have more freedom than us?) - YouTube

Hey guys welcome back to another Video!!!🥳🥳🥳 Today we doing something interesting 🥰/Growing up in a south Sudanese household 😋something You’all waited for

Gullah/Geechee Sengalese Connections - YouTube

Yeddi Queen Quet, Chieftess of de Gullah/Geechee Nation crak e teet bout de Sengalese Gullah/Geechee connections. Cum ta de Gullah/Geechee Nation International Music & Movement

HBCUCulture.com Homecoming Battle of the Bands Live

He builds affordable homes in Ghana using rammed earth | Real Estate in Ghana | Sustainable homes - YouTube

Ghanaian firm, Kasa Konsultants uses rammed earth to build affordable homes in Ghana. In this video, we talk with the daring Peace Obeng Appau, director of Kasa Konsultantsabout building

Hello World and Dedication

Eshu Elegbara! Master of the Gate between the Orun and the Aye! I thank you for the opportunity and ability to create this site. You know what I and those who have aided me have been through to come to this point. I

here is one of my African dance class - YouTube

African dance classes for children. [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Wdg4ilmvJoNgOiqOExWvQ" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10" icon="icon:

Historic Move: The Real Reason Ghana Is Granting Citizenship To All African Americans

History Of Sango Deity - Can this Voodoo Stop Rain ? - World Sango festival 2021 Ep1 - YouTube

World Sango festival 2021 kick start and I am here to document and learn more about the Yoruba culture, tradition and heritage so that I can pass it down to generations here and yet to

Homa Bay: Chilling Video Shows Thugs Attacking Petrol Attendant, Robbing Him - Tuko.co.ke

The three robbers who had gone to the station under the guise of buying petrol hit the helpless attendant with an object sending him to the ground unconscious.In the chilling CCTV footage making rounds on the internet, the robbers then went on

Home made Vegetable ROlex Ugandan street food - YouTube


HOUSE VICWONDER on Instagram: Brown skin girl

House Votes To Codify Same-Sex Marriage & Sesame Place Under Fire For Racism | The Daily Show - YouTube

The House passes a bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriage, Democrats strategize to boost Trump-backed candidates, and Sesame Place receives backlash for snubbing two Black

How A Cameroonian Lady Makes A Living From Fried Corn And Groundnuts ( Peanuts) - YouTube

Belinda is a single mother who makes a living from frying corn and peanut. Because of the heat from the fire, she hopes she could get help to build an oven and

How A Cameroonian Unsung Grassroot Environmental Hero is Nursing Trees To Fight Climate Change

How A Jamaican Returned To Benin To Pour Libation For Her Ancestors

https://youtu.be/7ITxSKoRhIk Wode Maya talks to a Jamaican woman from England who returned to Benin during the Vodun festivals to pour libations for her Ancestors. She speaks of her life in England, the desire to learn her history, and her

How Africans Built A Mega City With Stones Without Mortar-The Great Zimbabwe Empire🇿🇼 - YouTube

The best documentary on Great Zimbabwe. This is the advantage when we tell our own stories. Wode Maya also visited the Great Zimbabwe Replica lodge where you can see what some of the

How Africans Saved the World: The African roots of inoculation in America

Onesimus was an African man who was instrumental in the mitigation of the impact of a smallpox outbreak in Boston, Massachusetts. Don't listen

How Conservatives Ruin Sex

https://youtu.be/DEeCVdbQC6c In this video F.D takes a deep look at the ongoing challenges that conservative thought has presented to good sex and sexual Freedom and pleasure as a whole. Watch: How Conservatives Ruin Sex The first run of

How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?

How My Life in Iceland Has DRASTICALLY Changed

How Religion Was Used To Brainwash Africans

The Image of AFRICA has been DISTORTED around the WORLD & We are CHANGING the NARRATIVES via YOUTUBE videos One Country At Time.Until the HISTORY of AFRICA is told

How Scientists gonna act when the Climate finally Messes up the Earth - YouTube

Bro I know for a fact scientist is tired of telling us that we messing up the climate bro! Somebody got to listen to

How She Became The First Black Woman To Own A Luxury Hotel In Zimbabwe/Vic Falls!

Wode Maya interviews Dr. Mati Nyazema, the founder of Mbano Manor hotel. "Have dreams, but pay the school fees for your

How This Drum Beat Changed Hip Hop Forever

How To Bake Ghana Tart | Ghana Tight Recipe

https://youtu.be/oKz8FV2YmTw Ghana tarts, also known as tights, are something between a mildly sweet sugar cookie and a shortbread that are great for tea. Everybody has their own variations, but the basic proportions are 4 parts flour to 1 part

How To Cook Black Rice At Home | Recipes By Chef Ricardo


Hi, welcome to my channel, if this is your first time visiting my channel, please don't forget to like my video, comment, share, subscribe, and click on the notification bell for more


How To Cook The Best of South Sudanese Traditional Village Okra Soup. - YouTube

The Okra is an important plant in South Sudan tradition and Modern cuisine. The Okra plant is valued in the African Continent at large. Okra

How to Make Beske from Scratch

How To Make Condensed Milk Cake At Home. - YouTube

#howtomakecondensedmilkcakeathome#howtomakecondensedmilkcake#howtomakecondensedmilkwithoven#howtomakecondensedmilkwithoutoven#mariejumkitchen [su_button

How To Make Extra Crispy Turmeric Salt Fish Fritters | Jamaican Style | Val’s Kitchen!

Val shows us how to make the best crispy saltfish fritters. You can also use fresh fish for this, just make sure to add a bit of salt if you do. These are easy and tasty and wonderful

How To Make Fibreless Corn Flour


Chef Maame reveals why your Jollof is coming out wrong every time! 16 Tips that you need to make the perfect Ghanaian jollof

How to Make Platforms Work For You Before You Get Monetized Part 1

Getting monetized seems to be the dream of most content creators these days. Almost all the big platforms are offering it. The problem is that in order for it to be profitable by itself, you have to invest years of work

How to Make Platforms Work For You Before You Get Monetized Part 2

Update May 28, 2023: Since this article was written, Google has gone forward with a few changes that make this advice obsolete for their search as well as others who use their engine and "AI" (LMA) for discoverability and

How To Make Spicy Millet Pap Or Hausa Koko


How was the Organisation of African Unity formed and why was it formed?

How YouTube Disrespected Kat Blaque At a Recent Event

As if you didn't need more encouragement for breaking dependency on YouTube and other of the mainstream (read defaulting to "white" supremacist) platforms, this is how they disrespected Kat Blaque at a recent event. They tokenize her as the trifecta

Huge Surprise For My Philipino Grandmother In Philipines !! Dream Come True - YouTube

Huge Surprise For My Philipino Grandmother In Philipines.Welcome to The Philippines In Marcos Village where black Philipinos live... i decided to Surprise My grandmother and other

Hurricane Katrina: A New Documentary | SWI Segments | 09/02/2022 - YouTube

Hurricane Katrina: A New DocumentaryWe talk with the director of the new documentary Katrina Babies that explores the childhood trauma the storm and


​@77 With PAMBA. is here with you to bring you a very intimated episode of the famous 77 Questions Interview with the one @swiry_nyar_kano tiktok who has a very powerful voice and her

I bought this land in Ghana | Ghana Visit (Part 1) - YouTube

I bought this land in Ghana [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkctnpAmDG2bQM17IZ63UUg" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10" icon="icon: community"

I Explored a 0,000,000 Abandoned Resort Village

I fell sick, Beyoncé dropped an album for the gays and I cooked up a storm | WEEKLY VLOG #10 - YouTube

Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Vic shares his week and shows us his recipe for mishai aboki Indomie noodles. If you haven't tried this yet you should because

I got my first YouTube PAYCHECK in Nigeria 💰| how much did I make? [VLOG] - YouTube

Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! [su_button url="https://youtu.be/FsRCq-eiS-E" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10" icon="icon:

I hit 200K views on YouTube ! How did I do it?

One of our favorite YouTubers, Vic Wonder celebrates reaching 200K views, expresses gratitude, and talks about how the channel started and how it has

I left social media to start a business | VICWONDER

https://youtu.be/h2RakiAs6wQ VicWonder is back, but has shifted their focus from social media to their business as a stylist. Watch the video and if you're looking for a truly unique style with both classic and afrofuturist elegance, hire


https://youtu.be/eSulPGEe9fg What is duppy in Jamaica? What does a duppy look like? In this thrilling episode, Ms. Bowen shares real life experiences she had in her youthful days with river mumma, rolling calf and ghosts in Jamaica. This is not

I Visited An Amazing Eco- Village In Kibissi- Kenya.

https://youtu.be/khOPqDgb5j0 Indigenous technology is the

Ifa Muyiwa ft Ododo Ifa - Ekaro ( Prod. By JMix Gino ) by OWOOPE T.D MUSIC: Listen on Audiomack

Stream Ifa Muyiwa ft Ododo Ifa ------ Ekaro ( Prod. By JMix Gino ) the new song from OWOOPE T.D MUSIC. Featuring: Ododoifa ft aroleifa Producer: Jmix. Release Date: July 19, 2022. Source: Ifa Muyiwa ft Ododo Ifa ------ Ekaro ( Prod. By JMix



In conversation with Ani Kayode, author of AND THEN HE SANG A LULLABY


Get A Better Life TV is in Osogbo Nigeria at the Osun Festival in Osogbo, Nigeria. Join them there for live streams as the festival progresses! DISCLAIMERGET A BETTER LIFE TV ON YOUTUBE

Independent state legislature; Ye goes too far: Day w/o Black women; FBI/Aretha Franklin|#TheCulture

11.24.2022 Best of #TheCulture: Independent state legislature chaos; Ye goes too far: Day without Black women; FBI's Aretha Franklin files

Instagram Hates Its Users

Im an artist and while Instagram isn't the ideal way to showcase art, it has really been the only platform where my art can get any traction. Watching my engagement drop by over 50%

Interview with My Tiler - Building in Ghana - Africa Building Hub

Into the Blackwater | How American Corporations Escape Accountability

Is Capitalism Cap? (feat. Chico Bean & Dr. Claud Anderson) - Extended Version - TGHT

Chico Bean sits down for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Claud Anderson about Black capitalism and how Black people need move inside this system to achieve

Is Hip Hop a Culture? | Unknown Podcast Ep. 5

https://youtu.be/sYZtJqZsKEg I posted this as I was listening, and unfortunately about an hour in he starts parroting Matt Walsh, a "white" supremacist grifter who also promotes homophobia/colonial gender on the side since it gets more views than

Is YouTube racist? CoryxKenshin's allegations | With Comments From the Africans.live Webmatron

Good morning Youtube is finally being called out on their racism and favoritism! Thank you Cory for keeping it real and saying what a lot of black creator with

Isefa and Itefa of IFA Initiation Fully Explained with the Warnings/Taboos

Isese Lagba - King Atayese Music - Facebook

ISESE LAGBA full video is here, Please help share this, Many people are seriously looking for this full video, Thank you all for your support Source:


Confira o show de IZA no palco Galp Music Valley, no Rock In Rio Lisboa, em Portugal.Todos os direitos de transmissão do festival foram reservados ao TikTok e Rock In Rio.Inscreva-se em

Jackson State University | Celebration Bowl Battle of the Bands | Full Highlights vs. NCCU

James Weldon Johnson Documentary - Biography of the life of James Weldon Johnson - YouTube

James Weldon Johnson was a civil rights activist, writer, composer, politician, educator and lawyer, as well as one of the leading figures in the creation and development of the Harlem

Josh2Funny Challenged Me to a Jollof Rice Battle - Find Out Who Made The Best Jollof Rice - YouTube

Josh2Funny has challenged Zee to a jollof rice throwdown. Hit the notification bell to get a reminder when the peppery carnage begins! [su_button url="https://youtu.be/r2iOgQwHgIo"


K1 De Ultimate

Kanye West Needs to Stop Bullying Black Women

Kanye West's pathetic behavior has become all too common in the entertainment industry. He and all others like him need to be called out. We are not the easy targets. We do not have to fund entertainers who abuse

Katrina Babies Documentary Preview of the Animated Sequences

Excerpts of the animation sequences from "Katrina Babies" documentary directed by Edward Buckles, premiered August 24 on HBO. -- ANIMATION DIRECTOR: Antoni… Watch: KATRINA BABIES / Documentary on

KENYAN Style Beef & Sukumawiki Recipe | The BEST COLLARD GREENS Recipe

Kids Tearing It Up in Brooklyn United vs Crimson Thunder Drumline - Battle in the Apple

Kimbanguism: African religion movement that Strongly Opposed European Colonial Activities in Africa

During the colonial period in Africa, the Belgian Congo witnessed a movement that is now known as Kimbanguism. It was a form of opposition to the Belgian colonial rule in the area. The

KINI ITUMO AJE - What is the meaning of Aje? - English Subtitles - YouTube

Olokun (Yoruba: Olóòkun) is an orisha spirit in Yoruba religion. Olokun is believed to be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean. Carefully Watch the



Kukuwa African Dance: Pulse it Party Strength Training - YouTube

Get ready to explore Africa without a passport and learn to move muscles you didn’t know you had! KUKUWA® African Dance Workout is not only a workout, It will take you on an exotic

Kwame Ture on Homosexuality


Food and fun at the Homowo Festival in


The champions from each electoral zone compete for best kpekple

LadySpeech Sankofa and Uppity Negress Live Chat Coming Soon

Ya’ll wanted a podcast…. We got you. Stay tuned. Go like the Heauxly Spirit Podcast in Facebook to keep up with the updates. #LadySpeech #UppityNegress #Podcast

Late Stone Age in Africa: Analysis of Ukpa, Ugwuagwu and Mejiro Rockshelters in the Nigerian area. - YouTube

Africa has been identified as the cradle of humanity. The justification of this reality is been seen based on the Archaeological findings in Africa. A huge

Latin America Tried To Eliminate Black People And Failed

The dominant narrative in Latin America is that racism doesn’t exist, but that is a lie. Here’s why. Source: Latin America Tried To Eliminate Black People — And

Leader Jeffries Floor Remarks on Extreme MAGA Republican Agenda

Learn Tunisian Crochet IN 15 MINUTES


Leavenworth, WA | Traveling While Black™ | Episode 119

On this week’s episode we headed back to Leavenworth, WA BUT during the fall this time. We stayed at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort and did

LELE - Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian Redd | Official Video

Artists: Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian Redd Sponsored by Twins for Peace Executive Producer: Nana Baffour Director: Ogega Andere Creative Exec: Tania

Lenon Honor Flute - September Lounge Bossa - background music by Youtuber DixMusicStudio

Lenon Honor is best known for his scam busting efforts, saving many people from predators and frauds in the African diaspora community. He is also however, and

Lenon Honor Jazz Flute Improv

Let the #PassportBros Have It and Other Thoughts on Leftover Black Men

Live stream of Nigeria’s Presidential Election

This is a live coverage of events as Nigerians elect the next president and National Assembly members. #apc #labourparty #pdp #obi #atiku #tinubu #nigeria #election #nigerianelection2023 #nigeriadecides2023


We're trying out some new restaurants and some old favorites in today's video. I also take you to my favorite doubles spot in Arima! This is part 3 of the

Longterm - Sex Is Hard (NO pun intended..or maybe it is) feat. Kev On Stage and Mrs Kev On Stage

https://youtu.be/hrMVcujhg1A Does sex HAVE to get less passionate as time goes on in a relationship? Is it possible to keep that “can’t keep your hands off each other” feeling in a marriage? In this episode we explore these questions and share

Looking (and Looking Again) at Black Film History

it was that glimpse of Noble Johnson that led us to conclude the “By Right of Birth” fragment contains within it a fifteen second clip from another film called “The Trooper of Troop K” (1916), making it the earliest surviving footage produced by

Maculelê- CM PantaLeão - Simpósio Internacional de Capoeira Angola Palmares 2022 - YouTube

Apresentação realizada pelos alunos do CM Pantaleão projeto Sementes de Palmares do Bairro Castelo Branco Salvador Bahia. Apresentação realizada durante o Simpósio Internacional de

Magically Powerful Tribe of Rain Queens in Africa - YouTube

Africa is a continent full of beauty. It’s beauty can be seen through its places and its people. Welcome to the Amazing People of Africa series where we take a look at some of the

Making SHEA BUTTER | NKUTO in the village from scratch in GHANA | Handcrafted

Making SHEA BUTTER | NKUTO in the village from scratch in GHANA |

Making Traditional Rwandan Meals

Cooking Rwandan food in Francesca's kitchen. Wonderful dishes with beans, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and green bananas. Sonmbe, igitoki, and

Making YouTube Work for You - YouTube

What you should do to make YouTube worth your efforts.I've been building sites and running a non traditional ministry and cultural mission

MANY AFRICANS ARE SUFFERING IN EUROPE - Degree holders work as cleaners in hospitals and kitchens

Source: MANY AFRICANS ARE SUFFERING IN EUROPE|| Degree holders work as cleaners in hospitals and kitchens -

March 2023 – I styled my first runway show in Nigeria, etc.

Medical Mythbuster: Meet the Medical Student Challenging Racial Bias with TikTok

Meet the Mother of Orisha followers (Iyaosa) of Ogun State Nigeria as she Explains Orishas Priestess

Watch: Meet the Mother of Orisha followers (Iyaosa) of Ogun State Nigeria as she Explains Orishas Priestess -

Meet Yoruba Sango Bata Drummer as He Beats Bata Drum and Dances to the beat in an Interview with Him

This is a Bata Drummer from Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. His name is Omokehinde Ajani

Miraculous Health Benefits Of Jatropha (Hospital Too Far Leave)

https://youtu.be/K6ErZdV9fI8 Jatropha tanjorensis, also known as ‘hospital too far’ is a plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. It is usually grown in rainfall forest zones in parts of West Africa. Jatropha (hospital too far) is known for its

Miss Dosha Makes Cassava Puff Puffs

https://youtu.be/q227I1A5Y5Y Miss Dosha makes some delicious cassava puff

Miss Universe 2022 - Contestant (Angola - Swelia Antonio) - YouTube

Miss Universo Angola 2022 (aka Miss Universe Angola), the 25th edition of the national pageant, will be held on 6th August 2022 in Benguela where stunning beauties will compete for

Miss Universe 2022 - Contestant (Saint Lucia - Sheris Paul)

Sheris Paul was crowned Miss Universe Saint Lucia 2022 on August 27, 2022. She hails from Morne Dudon, Castries, Saint Lucia. She studied business management at Monroe College in Bisee,





More Evidence the American Dream is a Scam: Hearing on the Treatment of Women in U.S. Immigration Detention

A woman who was held in immigration detention for six months in 2020 at a Georgia federal facility gave emotional testimony at a Senate Homeland Security subcommittee hearing. She detailed and accused a doctor of performing gynecological

Most Africans I've talked to don't seem to know Trump supports neo nazis.

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Vishal P. Singh (@vps_reports_2.0) If Trump, DeSantis, or any of those "white" supremacists wins

MOVE by Beyonce Choreography by Stormie Bandele

Stormie Bandelle dances to Beyonce's MOVE. [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-HXdGZVzUFij_YopFyQow" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10" icon="icon:

My African sister showcasing African dance moves - YouTube

This sister is one of the souls that have enriched and made my life endurable in exile. [su_button url="https://youtu.be/KHnfpmyrGCU" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28"

My boss is a racist robot - YouTube

F.D. Signifier deals with the realization that YouTube is not on the side of African content creators. You have to make YouTube work for you, not work for


Whoa. Whoa! An IUD dislodging or getting displaced is supposed to be very rare, but it does happen. If it happens to you then you need to know the signs and symptoms. Watch the video, and

MY SIBLINGS CAME TO VISIT + Cooking For My Husband - YouTube

Beautiful Sunday afternoon and I decided to cook Afang Soup for my Husband awaiting his return 🤔 whilst on the other hand my siblings invaded my house 😂😂 this was how it all went

Namibia: A Side Of Africa The Media Won’t Show You

Namibia: A Side Of Africa The Media Won’t Show You is a video about me exploring the southern African country of Namibia. I travel across it and pass through,


Rozy shares her recipe for delicious jollof spaghetti. You will need: tomatoes red bell peppers onions locust beans cow skin (cleaned and fresh or hydrated) dried fish (ready to eat

Netflix's The Sandman - Exclusive "Death" Clip (2022) Tom Sturridge, Kirby Howell-Baptiste - YouTube

"It's time." Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) comes to claim an elderly violist in this exclusive scene from the sixth episode of Netflix's The Sandman, starring Tom Sturridge as Dream.

Nigeria to Ban 52 Media Outlets, Africa's Zulu Nation Celebrates a New King, Chads New Election Plot - YouTube

Welcome to 2nacheki channel. Here is your latest news. Chad starts ‘national dialogue’ to pave way for elections.Nigeria Activists Concerned as Secular Court Upholds Islamic Court Trial for

Nigerian Independence Day 2022 - TVC News Nigeria

https://youtu.be/wj1_1K3lWKQ TVC News Nigeria https://youtu.be/mj5Xt2s1RUc President Buhari addresses the nation as Nigeria celebrates her 62ND Independence anniversary. Click here to view the video covering the entire

Nigerian Woman Making Millions Of Dollars From Cassava Processing - YouTube

Norfolk Disney Legion | Disney Parade Highlights | New Years Eve 2022

OBT is Now ImageR Social

Update your bookmarks and start your new account. OBT Social is making big changes, and one of them is a new platform: ImageR Social. The new layout is more up to date and image forward. I don't know for certain yet, but I suspect this will be an

Odudua: The Great Yoruba Ancestor Orisha or Human?

On This Road To Hell: Fascism Is Here In The U.S. (How We Counter It) - Part 2

OPEN Q & A on Haitian Vodou - YouTube

Haitian Bokor Leonard Elmira answers questions about

Origin of the Songhai State and the Role of Sonni Ali towards the Foundation of Songhai Empire - YouTube

Gao was one of the earliest places settled by the Songhai people. The striving nature of Gao as a trading center encouraged the Songhai people to establish some level of statehood within

Orisha Ogun Yoruba Story and Ogun Appeasement Offering Materials in Yoruba Religion - YouTube

#orisha #ogun #iseselagba Orisha Ogun Yoruba Story and Ogun Appeasement Offering Materials in Yoruba

Orisha Osun Children speak to honor their Mother Oshun @ the Osun Osogbo Festival 2022 | Ore Yeye O - YouTube

#osun #orisha #iseselagbaOrisha Osun Children speak to honor their Mother @ the Osun Osogbo Festival 2022 | Ore Yeye O. I met with these Orisha Osun children who came for the Osun Osogbo

Osun Festival Osogbo 2022 | Iba Orisa Temple on Instagram

Ore Yèyé Ọ̀ṣun oooỌ̀ṣun Ọ̀ṣogbo Festival 2022 begins today with spiritual cleansing of roads for both people in the town and people that is coming for the festival, to have safely trip and also to remove negativities. It was called IWO POPO.I

Osun Procession to the Osun River in Oyo Alaafin as part of World Sango Festival 2022 - YouTube

Osun Procession to the Osun River in Oyo Alaafin as part of World Sango Festival 2022 [su_button url="https://youtu.be/85MXYhISE-k" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28"

Otumfour Celebrates Akwasidae After His Return From Abroad With A Colourful Display Of Culture

https://youtu.be/k1S-D0_hMCY As Ghanaians, we believe we can best tell the stories of our culture in the media while representing and protecting the interest of Ghana

Our Ancestors Didn’t Escape Into the Woods to Do Shabbat

https://youtu.be/cgINxG524EE My comments: Some people are ignorant dupes, but some are purposefully misleading people for blood money. Disinformation is big business these days, and they will say some outrageous stuff. If

Our most Valuable and Most Beautiful Culture of a man Treasured up in Ewe’s from Volta(🇬🇭GHANA) - YouTube


OYA Part 2 - Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Premium Starring Toyin Alausa | Abeni Agbon | Simisola Ladega

The weather suddenly becomes windy, the sky cloudy as a heavy rain pour is expected but instead, multiple thunderstorms keep clapping as every due pregnant women

Part 1 - Buying a house in Ghana 🇬🇭- Lessons from Jamaican - UK immigrant to Ghana - YouTube

In this video we look at what you should look out for before buying a house in Ghana 🇬🇭.We get tips and lessons from this Jamaican from UK on how she purchased an apartment and lost It and

Peter Obi Berate Tinubu, Atiku! It’s Nigerians’ Turn To Take Their Country Back From Expired Old

Philippines African Village Life, Special Day In Philippines Villages

Cooking steamed sweet potatoes and bananas in an African Philippine


Gathering on Okaikoi Hill with the traditional leaders of Ga. One of the most sacred

Podcast Awards - The People's Choice

Registration for the 18th annual International Podcast Awards for 2023 is now open. There are many categories including but not limited to podcasts by women, Black podcasts, and LGBTQ+ podcasts as well. The event will be broadcast live on September

polyamorous black girl* on Instagram: “people won’t always respond well when you communicate a boundary...”

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by polyamorous black girl* (@polyamorousblackgirl) people won’t always respond well when you communicate a

Poverty and Crime - Sean Black (@seandablack) - TikTok

Its has been shown time and time again that poverty is a major factor of crime. #poverty #crime #leftist #leftism #fyp

Preparing a Taste of Home for Nigerian Igbo Meeting in Obodo Oyibo | Pepper Soup | Flo Chinyere

https://youtu.be/qvqILvWkU8c Get the instructions and recipe

Pro Chef vs. Imposter Cooking Challenge: Ify Nwadiwe

Pumpkin leaf turn into international dish| UGALI

In this video you are to learn how to cook pumpkin, nightshade, tomatoes leaves as a dish. The ugali is an east African dish, which is a mixture of

Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism, Hundreds of Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS - YouTube

Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism, Hundreds of Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS'; Britain paid Reparations to 46,000 Slave owners; Jamaica demands

Quorum: Kenita Placide on LGBTQI+ Rights in Saint Lucia - YouTube

In this talk from the Quorum: Global LGBT Voices series, Kenita Placide, Eastern Caribbean Coordinator at CariFLAGS - Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and

Racism in Germany | DW Documentary

Racism is the Reason Yet Again: Student Debt in the U.S.

Educators and historians confirm that the reason college isn't free or low cost anymore is retaliation for integration. The idea was that if they were going to have to allow African American students, people would have to pay


#kali #maculele #macutombo #armed #selfdefense #capoeiraweapons #weapons #streetfight #capoeira

Rate My Cult - The Hebrew Israelites

Hello, Good People! The (Black) Hebrew Israelites are in the news again, and they came at me in the comments, so I figured I'd look into them more. You'll be

Real Alternatives to YouTube for People in Marginalized Communities

 We all know that YouTube is not the only video hosting platform, but when you need an alternative, you don't want to go somewhere with the same problems. So I am doing a bit of research on what other platforms there are for

Real History of British Colonialism & Slavery is being Exposed due to Queen Elizabeth’s death - YouTube

Queen Elizabeth II: The Real History of British Colonialism & Slavey is being Exposed due to Queen Elizabeth’s death; A Cloud of Colonialism hangs over


My First encounter Young Siddis (African Indian) with You'll be shocked to know what this think about Africa. MY JOUNERY TO UNKNOWN , INDIA 🇮🇳 !!! PART 5 This Was day 2 i was Leaving Goa

Reggae Month Day 6 Musical Tribute to Bob Marley - February 6, 2023

Reggae Month Day 6 || Musical Tribute to Bob Marley - February 6,

Relationship between the Kanem-Borno Empire and the Ottoman Empire - YouTube

The influence and powers of the Kanem-Borno Empire attracted attentions up to the North African region and beyond.The Ottoman Empire and Kanem-Borno Empire established diplomatic

Remembering The One And Only Thom Bell; News, And The Importance Of Education; Jan 6th Final Report

Republican Politicians and City Officials Create Artificial Water Famine in Jackson Mississippi to Drive Out Black Residents and Homeowners

It's reminiscent of and maybe worse than Flint. Residents and homeowners in Jackson Mississippi, in the United States of America, can't drink or bathe in their water. The water is so bad that it damages the water system and pipes in the buildings.

Ride 4 a Woman Uganda: Our Community Engagement And Collaboration With Uganda Wildlife Authority

Rockstar EV | Hellcats & Trackhawks - Lil Durk (Guitar Cover)

Roland destroys feckless Fox News for sucking up to Kanye West, not bothering to read anti-Semitic posts

https://youtu.be/-D0H2mPPe74 Roland destroys feckless Fox News for sucking up to Kanye West, not bothering to read anti-Semitic

Rwanda Ups Teachers Salaries by 88%, Malawi Claim 0 Billion from Int' Firm, Atlanta Race Massacre - YouTube

Africa first Roundtable on Climate Initiatives ahead COP 27 begins in Addis Ababa.Rwanda increases salaries of primary school teachers by 88%.Malawi Government Demands U.S.9.6 Billion

S2E16. LGBT, pronouns, and being gay in the entertainment industry. - YouTube

SA's oldest citizen passes on

Salewa Abeni Astonishingly Appears At A Birthday Party With Her Hip-hop Singer Son As Money Rains - YouTube

Interesting. For someone who advises to stay away from homosexuality, she and her peers seem to love Gay designers. What wasn't art nouveau was art deco and vise versa. The only thing

Salt Mining in Retba Lake , Senegal | papetatandiaye | Instagram

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Visit Senegal (@papetatandiaye) Source: Visit Senegal on Instagram: “Retba Lake , Salt mining.


          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by MoyoAfrika (@moyoafrika) Samba is a Brazilian musical genre and dance style, with its roots in Africa via the

SANGO - Latest Classic Yoruba Movie 2019 New Release This Week - YouTube

Sango: The Legendary African King is a Latest Classic Yoruba Movie 2019 New Release This Week, written by Wale Ogunyemi, produced and directed by Obafemi Lasode. The film depicts the life

Sarraounia (full movie 1986) - The Original Black Panther

Sarraounia é baseado em um evento real. O filme conta a história da sangrenta expedição da coluna Voulet-Chanoine que devastou toda uma região do Níger em

Save this hack



Senior Gold Dance Fitness | Low Impact Dance Exercise 4 Fun & Health | 28 Minutes | Get Grooving! - YouTube

Senior Gold Dance Fitness is a fun low impact dance workout e everyone. The exercise dance moves are safe, fun and effective for baby boomers, seniors, generation X and everyone else who

SHANGAH - Emmanuel Jal | Official music video - YouTube

The songs and its visuals, combine South Sudanese lyrics with familiar Congolese rifts offering up a catchy retro sounding track which Jal intends “the aunties and uncles to also dance

Shocking Ugandan recipe For Rice and Irish Potatoes

https://youtu.be/IK5sY42xMxo Rosie Bea makes a delicious potatoes and rice dish with some bean gravy on the side. I know you may not be sure about two starches, but the way it's made, they really compliment each other. Try it

Slavery Loophole Laws on the Ballot in 5 U.S. States in 2022

Voters in several states will get to decide whether to end what some call the “slavery loophole.” Five states have amendments on the ballot this November that would cut out language that permits slavery

Smelting Iron in Africa (A DEMONSTRATION) - YouTube

Smelting iron from ore by a smith family in West Africa. The only complete, high quality video of iron smelting in Africa. Making charcoal, digging ore and flux, building the kiln, firing

SOFT and BUTTERY Jamaican Callaloo Recipe - YouTube

So here's the thing with making great callaloo - it's a combination of starting with great callaloo leaves and then executing the proper cooking methodology. I've simplified the method a

Soul Train Dancer Tamechi Toney Briggs Influenced A Generation & Created Infamous MC Hammer Pants

https://youtu.be/klcJeMw_GfI After this, listen to the full story of the invention of the Hammer Pants in their interview with Cazzmania

South Sudan’s rocky road to lasting peace | DW Documentary

https://youtu.be/rzupayGYtac?si=CFsYpSNtA38IfiXD Following its independence in 2011, South Sudan suffered from a bloody civil war. After a peace accord five years ago calmed the situation, Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior decided to return home from

Spider-Man 1967 Theme Song sample flip || [NEW 2022] MADE ON iPhone - YouTube

Deez Nuts Watch on

Spiritual Cosplay: You In Danger!

The dangers of dipping and dabbling without knowing what's

Stop using FAKE spiritual excuses to stay in toxic relationships!!!! - YouTube

One of the things I hate to see is people short changing themselves in relationships by using the excuses, twin flame, soulmates soul ties, in order to justify staying in toxic and

Strictly’s Johannes Radebe on creating ‘safe haven’ for LGBT community | Metro News

The South African dancer has made history on the programme on several occasions, performing an exquisite same-sex routine with Graziano Di Prima in 2019 before two years later, making it to the final of the competition with Great British Bake Off


Be careful. People will normally have an opinion about everything. This is okay. Let folks think whatever they like as long as they don't make threats. They

Study House Bible Meeting in Charlotte Was Live - June 23, 2023

Visit the Study House facebook


hey. i'm arrows. i go by he/him/they/them. live in LA. happily in a monogamous relationship. aquarius sun, gemini moon, pisces rising. employed. 33. originally from

Surprising My Philipino Grandmother In Hospital !! Emotional - YouTube

Welcome to the Philipines where I surprised my Grandmother in Hospital.It was an emotional moment for all of us since it was a surprise visit.Quick recovery to the

Surprising the Oldest Woman In the Village With Ukassi Soup and Pounded Yam

https://youtu.be/JlE0rrIgxkE It is a special honor to take care of the elders. Wild spinach is especially good for them, and when it is in season (usually in December to February), this is the time to pick some and make this special soup for your

Swahili African Dance X Afro. Mob - Street Dance Ep03 ( official Dance Video) - YouTube

Afro. Mob is a dance crew based in Magomeni - Dar es salaam - Tanzania. The crew is lead by Matua. Matua's goal & dream is to get his fellow youth out from the street life in Magomeni

SWD vs MLK Drumline Battle Atlanta, GA

https://youtu.be/iaSXdmK4vpM 2018 SWD vs MLK Spring Game Southwest Dekalb High School vs Martin Luther King Jr. High School Marching Band Drumline Battle Percussion Section Atlanta,

Terrorist Threats Can't Stop the Pride celebrations in full swing in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and Sandton

https://youtu.be/TiIbM6TheWo Pride celebrations are in full swing in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. The threats of terrorist attacks in Gauteng did not scare away the LGTBQIA+ community in this region. We cross to reporter Kim Daniels to catch up

Testing my Behance Livestream

I just found a good resource for you artists and musicians out there. https://www.behance.net/videos/ed4a4f3d-07fe-4c48-8dc3-68164626ec1d/Livestreaming-with-Nicole-Lasher Sign up for Behance and get free

Texas Southern Marching Band - Honda Battle of the Bands and The Horns on the Ground Issue

https://youtu.be/9C0G1PfT830 Good show, but I noticed something that I hope I don't see again. I saw this done before in another BotB, and apparently it is something people think is okay now. It's not. I lose respect for any band director I observe

The "Alpha Males" are kinda sad... feat @Veridis Joe - YouTube

Signifier and Verdis Joe talk about speaking up and not letting bullshit ride. When you see your people being disrespected, speak up. If you keep quiet, you are not "alpha" in the natural

The "Sassification” of Black Men

The #50BucksBeatsCancer Challenge - Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation Fundraiser

The 2022 round up and starting 2023 with a Bang | Luluology

Luluology Luluology is a podcast about life as a woman in South Africa. Follow her and listen

The African Princess Who Wanted Black Americans To Come Back Home - YouTube

The story of Princess Kofi, an African princess who wanted to take African Americans back home to

The CEO of Corn | Recess Therapy #cornboy - YouTube

This guy just loves his corn! Some would even say he's the CEO of corn! He's a real cornboy. Corn! Just wait until he discovers makai paka, koki, or

The COLONISERS are now getting oppressed?!

The Commodification of the Black Identity

From memes to millions and convicts to capital, it appears at every term that all aspects of the Black Identity are bastardized into a form of a commodity. Why

The Confusing Nature of Black Conservatives

The consent conversation...needs some work 😬| Khadija Mbowe - YouTube

Get into some permission, pleasure, and sensual self exploration with the LELO IDA Wave! [su_button url="https://youtu.be/uNfnjlyYc9g" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28"

The Coronation of the Amazulu king

https://youtu.be/LKQb_TYgwII The Coronation of the Amazulu king, presentation of gifts, and he thanks Patrice Motsepe for his contributions to the

The Cult of Fresh and Fit

The Dark Side of Egypt Nobody talks About

The drum as a uniting element

The African drums brings communities together, in harmony and in

The Fatal Police Shootings That Don’t Make Headlines

The Final Lap of ModernTraditional.com - It All Ends February 2024

We're rolling back to our pre-blog

The Fun of Foraging

Alexis Nikole Nelson (BlackForager) is teaching the internet how to safely forage for food — for free. She says seeking out mushrooms, plants and weeds for meals helps her feel “connected” to the environment, adding she wants to see

The Golden Stool - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 14] - YouTube

In this episode, Zeinab Badawi travels to Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire to find out about the Asante people and their kingdom. We examine the history, myths and legends of the Asante people. We

The Growth of European Power and Influence in Egypt to 1882 - YouTube

The Mohammed Ali's reign in Egypt increased the involvement of Europeans in Egypt economy.The British and the French were the leading Europeans that practically Influenced Egypt's

the Largest Cooking Festival in Ghana West Africa

The Left Has A Whiteness Problem

The Legendary Battles Of The Dahomey Amazons (Mature Content)

In this video, Home Team History gives the facts and legends about the warrior women of the Dahomey

The Many Gods of Yoruba Lore

In recent years we have seen a very welcome uptick in the number of fantasy books inspired by West African folklore. The Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism movements

The MIRACLES Of Aloe Vera! Potent Medicinal Herbs Of Jamaica

In this special series on medicinal plants of Jamaica, I met with the Pekan sisters to take a look at the popular Aloe Vera - a medicinal staple of

The Miraculous Story of Abena Pomaa: Surviving a brain tumor - YouTube

The Misconception About Africa And S€xuality - Swiry Nyar Kano - YouTube

S3xuality and Africa. Has Africa always been conservative towards sëxual intercourse? Swiry Nyar Kano shares a greater knowledge and understanding on Africa and S€xuality. Please kindly

The Moors

The Most Important Cult You Never Heard of - YouTube

Rate My Cult - Black History Month Edition!!! We're discussing Father Divine and the International Peace MISSION Movement. [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/c/MayeMuses"

The Mysterious River That Flows From A Tree In Nigeria

 Here's a full documentary on River Ethiope which is a crystal clear river flowing from a giant silk cutton tree in a village called Umuaja, Dalta State Nigeria. Hmmm... Believe or

The Novel-Uh Reading Vlog | Reading Nesbo's Novellas, Creating Book Art For Africa Day, Journaling

The Origins Of Nubia’s Great Archers

The Pot You Need To Bath From For All Spiritual Protections

The Power of Permission. Lets talk about Peace.

https://youtu.be/IuzkRpTonp8 With the recent transitions happening in social media, this is a great time to do an audit. Here's some

The Quakers Role towards the Abolition of Slave Trade

The REAL Faces of Black Conservatism

The Right Fell Off HARD

https://youtu.be/Sn1tgP7BDTM The right is falling off mainly because of simple numbers. Not enough people can afford to insulate themselves from the pain and suffering unchecked capitalism, alienating everyone, and scaring away all your good

The Rise of the Oyo Empire

Odudua and the rise of the Oyo empire. Explaining the Council of Chiefs and interdependent nation states under the

The Scariest Ghanaian Festival I've EVER Been to

The Siddis: India's Forgotten Africans - YouTube

United Nations - Descended from African slaves – the Siddi people today live in western India. For centuries they’ve held on to their African culture – and a special relationship with the

The side of ETHIOPIA western media don't show - YouTube

I really enjoyed my time with people and culture. Most people around the world have never seen Ethiopia like this before. Learning about the raw meat, dance culture and accommodations

The Tombs of Huy, Horemeb, and Menna - Visiting The Tombs of Kemet - Part 1

The TRUTH about Black Conservatives

The Untold Story Of Miss Dosha . Am Shocked - YouTube

Welcome to my channel and watch the Untold Story of miss Dosha kindly get more information about her . [su_button url="https://youtu.be/M7Y9-CGLbIE" target="blank" style="soft"

THE WOMAN KING – Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

Bow down to the most exceptional female warrior to ever live. Viola Davis is #TheWomanKing. Watch her rise exclusively in movie theaters September 16. Read the Africans.live

The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele - YouTube

Grown people who can't take a no need to learn or be

They BLEACHED Black Magic

https://youtu.be/Y0Ybp_DvkS4 Foreign Man in a Foreign Land goes in on "white" people co-opting the convenient bits of African indigenous and diaspora belief

They fear me because I am teaching Africans about the lies in white man's religion | Swiry Nyar Kano - YouTube

Imagine constantly being called a witch because of how knowledgeable you are about Africa and our ancestors...and why religion brought by the white people will be the downfall of our

This Is Your Permission To Do What You Love | Gabrielle Ledet X Intimate Acts of Creativity

"In the second episode of our new series, ‘Intimate Acts of Creativity,’ created in partnership with Free People, artist Gabrielle Ledet (@the.eleventh.eyelash)

This Meatball Stew is SO Good You Won't Be Able to Stop Eating It

TikTok Has Been Breached

If you see anything unusual going on in your account, know that TikTok has been breached. The hacker(s) claiming responsibility is #AgainstTheWest. According to this article, the thing to do at this point is change your passwords and enable two

TikTok’s ‘No Love Challenge’ shines a light on HBCU majorette dancing

Timbuktu: A Renowned Historic African City - YouTube

Timbuktu is a city in the present day Mali. The city played very important role during the peak of the Trans-Saharan Trade

to the girl that looks like me

Director: Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah @raekua DP: Gabriel Connelly Producer: Adrian Sobrado Editor: Elliot Farinaro Costume Designer: Ramzi Shatara… Watch: to the girl that looks like

Top 10 HBCU Marching Bands Homecoming Band Showcase | #BlackExcellist

Black Excellist's top 10 marching bands at historically Black colleges and

Touching reason why Twins built a Special HOSPITAL in GHANA to Help the Poor!! - YouTube

BANAHENE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL started as a Homecare organization in the United States of America over 20 years ago under the corporate name Blessed Healthcare Incorporation.BANAHENE

Training Journalists in Human Rights Reporting and Safety

Treemonisha (Scott Joplin) - Houston Grand Opera

https://youtu.be/OLyh2jCvzG0 Scott Joplin's opera Treemonisha, about an African American woman saving her town from a

Tri Cities vs Berkmar @ Magic City Classic Parade 2023

https://youtu.be/sYKENmyWXUM?si=MBxdabkUHXsP03Te I walked up on these two schools battling at the a parade, so its not the full battle. Great job both

Trinidad food-the best roast corn in south

Fresh roasted corn at a roadside stand in Trinidad. One of the best things in the

True Story of the Only Fearsome Amazonian Warrior Queens Hollywood has Exploited for Decades - YouTube

Welcome to the Amazing People of Africa series where we take a look at some of the indigenous people of Africa. Today we look at the Dahomey amazons, an all female military of the kingdom

Tuaregs in African History - YouTube

African History Series The Tuaregs were very practical in the Sahara Desert region. Most of the Empires and political units that exist in the region

Twitter Africa employees accuse Elon Musk of discrimination over severance terms

Twitter laid off all but one of the African employees just four days after the company opened a physical office in the capital Accra following Musk’s takeover. But the staff of about a dozen were not offered severance pay, which they say is


#UmarJohnson #FDMG #SchoolScam Dr. Umar claims that he'll be visiting Africa soon. Don't give him your money. [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/user/LenonHonorFilms"

Understanding the BIack Manosphere

After Dissecting and Connecting the manosphere as whole a in the last few months, F.D spins the block to address a group that has been his biggest detractors since he gained any traction on

Unedited video. first time try African puff puff recipes at home 😋simple recipe #lenatiahtv - YouTube

African puff puff Watch on

Up your waakye making game! Ghana Rice and beans with a special twist

Upper East security council shuts down Bolgatanga Technical Institute after students' riot | CNR - YouTube

Student protests were sparked by the arrest of some teachers for exam malpractice. [su_button url="https://youtu.be/drSQtZJDUfw" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10"

Uproar as Ooni of Ile-Ife about to come out with Ade Are on Olojo Festival 2022 As Rain Stopped

Uproar as Ooni of Ile-Ife about to come out with Ade Are on Olojo Festival 2022 & As Rain Stopped. They are Orisha like. Click here to read more about the

Urgent Notice to African Women Don't Go to the Middle-East for Domestic Work You Will Die!

https://youtu.be/eP2COKGtub0 I live in Israel, and honestly I wouldn't even recommend coming here as a domestic worker. We are working on making sure your rights would be protected, but you have no guarantees unless you have connections with enough

Using West African Afa (Ifa) divination to locate my Samurai Ancestor | Sena Voncujovi (@voncujovi) • Instagram

Using West African Afa (Ifa) divination to locate my Samurai Ancestor, Jinbo Nagamoto, in Toyama Prefecture Japan (Part 1). Source: Sena Voncujovi (@voncujovi) • Instagram photos and

Val Has Been Making This Sweet Easy Dish for Years! Baked Beans and Saltfish

https://youtu.be/WPB2eYh31eg Val makes some baked beans and

Very interesting TRUTH, Africa is hunger because of WESTERN and colonial ways of Production

Africans need to rein in neo colonialism by limiting foreign land ownership and re-African-ize farming cycles and

Vicwonder takes Lagos Fashion Week 2022!

https://youtu.be/3Cu2ik85_GI Vic Wonder shares the sights, sounds, and personalities in Lagos Fashion Week 2022. They were also featured in Vogue, The Best Street Styles gallery for the event. Click

Village Chicken Barbeque: African Village Life - Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Food

African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Chicken Barbeque In this video, Miss Dosha makes some delicious barbecue chicken legs, chips, and a wonderful soup for dipping and soaking the chips. If you like poutine, you will


https://youtu.be/DZvnwV0UOvY Vic Wonder shares clips of the party and the inspiration story of his outfit. He also talks about the holiday spirit and what's happening since the pandemic changed

Voodoo dances and rituals wow tourists at Benin festival

  OUIDAH, Benin, Jan 11 (Reuters) - On Benin's national voodoo holiday, performers dressed as guardians of the night swirled in costumes resembling technicolour haystacks, delighting worshippers and tourists alike. Over a thousand people

Was Haile Selassie god? #africa #haileselassie #ethiopia - YouTube

On April 2, 1930, Ras Tafari Makonnen became Emperor Haile Selassie. Selassie was the last reigning monarch of Ethiopia’s Solomonic Dynasty. The Solomonic Dynasty traces its ancient

Watch How This Guy Draws with FIRE - The Insane Process

Watch Love The One You're With | Prime Video

A dramatic comedy that follows a couple, Miles and Avery as they navigate the possible ending of a long term relationship, and a story that explores the issues

We Are On Google Search!

 Africans.live now appears in Google search! Look at our cute entry: It's #1 for these specific keywords, but still way down the list, strangely, for the actual domain name. I think so many people make a typo so the word

We Need to Talk About how We're Objectified

For generations black men have either enthusiastically celebrated or quietly disregarded the rampant and unchecked objectification of our bodies by... well pretty

We Own 50 Acres Of Cocoa Farm In Ghana But Still Poor! Plus a Recipe For Real Hot Chocolate

https://youtu.be/dJ7EPj8LsrM Wode Maya visits a cocoa farm and talks to the farmers who bring us chocolate. Farmers are poor because the middlemen and distributors suck the profits. The farmers should sell direct to buyers. Co ops in India have

We visited historic City of STONE TOWN, ZANZIBAR! + Local food, local market, local shopping!

A day trip to Stone

We were held at the Airport because we didn't provide an ONWARD Ticket out from our Destination Ep16

Weija Dam Floods in Ghana

By Jesse Ampah Owusu Accra, Oct. 04, GNA – Scores of residents of flooded communities in the Weija-Gbawe Municipality are stranded following the spillage of the Weija Dam… Source: Weija Floods: Scores of people stranded | Ghana News

What happened to the African students who fled Ukraine? BBC Africa

what I eat in a week in Nigeria

Vic Wonder shares what they eat in a week, as if they read some of our minds who were worried about them while they were sick, but didn't want to be too pushy. Turns out they had typhoid.

What is the Artemis 1 Mission? | Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains...

What is Artemis 1? On this explainer, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice explore our return to the moon with Nujoud Merancy, Chief of the Exploration Mission Planning Office at Johnson

What Nigerians do in China Ep9 on How Nigerians Survive in China

A random enquiries on what Nigerians do to survive in


The Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world.#egypt #ancientegypt #alexandria [su_button

What's Good? Wodemaya Livestream

https://youtu.be/X63T_Y3xizg Wodemaya live on

What's it like Growing Up Half Black in Japan?

Takashii interviews some people who grew up in Japan, and some who came from other

When rights are rolled back

https://youtu.be/nWYw-s7rNCE The cycle of progression and regression that has played out many times in history, and is happening again today. Be aware so you don't get conned into being on the wrong side of history. You are mortal. It will be too

When the Monsters Are Us

When Your Son Said a "Bad Word" at School

Where did the Igbo originally come from?

Igbo also called Ibo, people live mainly in southeastern Nigeria. They speak Igbo, a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language

White People Did NOT Give us Black History Month!!! Dr. Carter G. Woodson did; Black Resistance

Why Did Pirates Eat That? (feat. Tasting History)


Why didn't Africans know what AAs go through in America When Hollywood was selling the "American Dream" to the world, they failed to reveal the nightmare African

why I stopped being a man - YouTube

VicWonder explains how they expresses their identity, and why they don't feel the (colonial) gender role of "man". This is a good video to watch if you are questioning yourself or have

Why Influencers Lie So Much | Race, Class and Public Image - YouTube

Women’s Health Awareness: Community Impact

Women’s Health Awareness is a community engagement initiative sponsored by the Clinical Research Branch at the NIEHS. This video details the impact of this broad event, from the perspective

World Sango Festival Oyo 2022 Grand Finale After The Death of Alaafin Oyo - YouTube

Year 2022 world Sango festival is the first after the demise of Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Atanda Adeyemi 3, Alaafin of Oyo, first without the Alaafin on throne. [su_button

Yemi Mobolade to become 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs

  Mobolade's decisive victory represents a seismic political surprise in Colorado Springs, long known as a conservative stronghold. Though the city's municipal elections are nonpartisan, Mobalade, who is neither a Republican nor a

Yeye Orisha Osun/Oshun Osogbo Ataoja Explains How one Can Know He/She is a Child of Osun |Ore Yeye o - YouTube

#orisha #oshun #yorubareligion Yeye Orisha Osun/Oshun Osogbo Ataoja Explains How one Can Know He/She is a Child of Osun | Ore Yeye o. how do i know if i'm a child of oshun; how do you

YORUBA BEYOND BORDERS - English Subtitle - YouTube

A TRIBUTE TO PROF BABALOLA YAI (1942 - 2020. Courtesy Bola BELO and Tunde KELANIA Tribute to one of the greatest African Scholars, Prof Babalola Yai, 1942 - 2020. Among his numerous

Yoruba Incantation (Ọfọ̀) 10: Òjò Ò Ní Rọ̀ Títí | Invincibility

Young, Gifted, & Black | The Nina Simone Story

Your loneliness is killing you.

https://youtu.be/p1D2__VQtN4 Your loneliness is killing you. You need to reconnect with or form a community around you before you start emotionally self

Youtubers won't save your friends from the Manosphere

https://youtu.be/DmZ-aPJB3Po Some tips on saving your friends and loved ones' souls from the "red pill"

YouTubers! Make Sure You Have Other Sources of Income Now!

There has been a disturbing trend in YouTube. Anyone standing up against any kind of discrimination is being targeted. Their videos are not only being demonetized, but wrongly flagged as "violating community standards". So

Zimbabwe Is NOT What I Expected! - YouTube

Welcome to ZimbabweHAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED YET? [su_button url="https://www.youtube.com/c/WODEMAYA" target="blank" style="soft" background="#BF4D28" size="10" icon="icon: community"

🇬🇭 Ghana in crisis: U-turn on IMF bailout sparks outcry | The Stream - YouTube

Ghana’s economy has been crippled by the pandemic, rampant inflation, the war in Ukraine and a depreciating currency. Now analysts warn that the country is close to a


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