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The Right Fell Off HARD

The Right Fell Off HARD from YouTube

If the audience of CPAC 2023 was evidence of one thing, it was the increasingly rightward tilt of both the American Conservative Union which hosts the event, as well as the broader GOP activist base.
What could have been a massive “big tent” gathering of DC Republicans and their nationwide grassroots allies instead appeared to be more of a muted affair held to celebrate the glory of Donald Trump and his dominant but still incomplete segment of the Republican Party.

The right is falling off mainly because of simple numbers. Not enough people can afford to insulate themselves from the pain and suffering unchecked capitalism, alienating everyone, and scaring away all your good teachers, doctors, and generous people causes. They either have to be wealthy enough to pay for everything, or willing to be broke, lonely, and have nobody care because they’re too hostile.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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