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The Cult of Fresh and Fit

The Cult of Fresh and Fit from YouTube

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Fresh and Fit are on the rise despite their claims of cancel culture out to deplatform them. Let’s talk about them.

This video took hours of mostly listening to the Fresh and Fit Philosophy. I probably lost a few brain cells for this one but a worthy sacrifice because there are a lot of conversations we need to have about the rise in alpha podcasts. I actually got lucky with Fresh and Fit linking directly to multiple sources that funny enough disagree with them flat out; but even that isn’t enough. Because Fresh and Fit are a symptom. Just a piece of the pie that are making sure to take their slice of the $$$. In the end I hope you’re entertained by my video about Fresh and Fit.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of ModernTraditional, Africans.live and other cultural and quirky sites. I am one of those odd people born to curate, with a real passion for marketing. If you have some art, music, writing, or other content that needs more love, feel free to contact me. I work on a donate when and what you are able basis. To do so, hit my Paypal or Patreon. Let's survive capitalism together, and try to have some fun confusing the exploitative.

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