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Surprising the Oldest Woman In the Village With Ukassi Soup and Pounded Yam

I surprised an old woman of 105 years old with a || special delicacy || and this happened. (YouTube)


This video is about how I cooked a delicious delicacy which is ( pounded yam with ukasi soup) for nne, granny.

An old woman of 105 years old.
she’s still strong and can still move around.
she is the oldest woman in my husband’s Village.

I surprised her in these new year with these their special food ( pounded yam and ukasi soup)

It is a special honor to take care of the elders. Wild spinach is especially good for them, and when it is in season (usually in December to February), this is the time to pick some and make this special soup for your elders. Young people enjoy it too, but since it is often in limited quantities, it is best to serve the elders first.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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