Is Hip Hop a Culture? | Unknown Podcast Ep. 5
Is Hip Hop a Culture? | Unknown Podcast Ep. 5 from YouTube

We’re back!Today we discuss the negative influence of modern Hip Hop and the larger decline of morals in western society.#hiphopculture #wakandaforever #card…

I posted this as I was listening, and unfortunately about an hour in he starts parroting Matt Walsh, a “white” supremacist grifter who also promotes homophobia/colonial gender on the side since it gets more views than the endless “western chauvanism”.

Hate to see brothers falling for that scam. It makes the rest of his talk about “morality” ring a bit hollow when he’s promoting “white” supremacists as a better example of how to think about gender.

By K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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