We Own 50 Acres Of Cocoa Farm In Ghana But Still Poor! Plus a Recipe For Real Hot Chocolate

Wode Maya visits a cocoa farm and talks to the farmers who bring us chocolate. Farmers are poor because the middlemen and distributors suck the profits. The farmers should sell direct to buyers. Co ops in India have proven that raw and fresh cocoa is in demand and they can make exponentially more selling direct.

How to Make Real Hot Chocolate

Soak a big handful of dried raw cocoa beans in fresh water for an hour to loosen the shell. Peel off the shell and pound the beans in a mortar and pestle. Boil a liter of water in a pot, and add the chocolate to it. Use palm sugar to sweeten this. You can add other spices to it like cinnamon or ginger. If you like you can thicken this with some cornstarch. You have not had real chocolate though, until you have tried it like this.


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