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Urgent Notice to African Women Don’t Go to the Middle-East for Domestic Work You Will Die!

Don’t Go to the Middle-East for Domestic Work You Will Die!I live in Israel, and honestly I wouldn’t even recommend coming here as a domestic worker. We are working on making sure your rights would be protected, but you have no guarantees unless you have connections with enough money to protect you. There are many people who have been brought up with colonialist or religious extremist views which include racism against Africans or xenophobia against anyone of a different belief system, particularly Christians and African traditional spiritualists.

If you are working for Christian Arabs here through a Christian organization, you may have better protection than most if you are okay with living a very closed, conservative lifestyle, but be warned there are still many predators hiding in the Christian community. There are immigration lawyers here who can help you if you get into trouble, but again, they can’t be everywhere at once and often agencies and organizations will hide their intentions until you are trapped.

If you are a nurse looking for employment, there are new hospitals and care agencies opening in Ghana and Zimbabwe, and tech companies opening for which employees will need childcare and other domestic help. Though I do not agree with those countries’ useless colonialist intimacy laws, they are a better option than volunteering for de facto slavery in the middle east.


K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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