Be careful. People will normally have an opinion about everything. This is okay. Let folks think whatever they like as long as they don’t make threats. They have a right to their opinion. What one needs to beware of is the fakes.

There are agents who try to agitate in African communities for neo colonial politicians and corporations. Most normal people would be afraid of making a mistake and know that their words and actions may have consequences. They will accept that if one says things that are unpopular or controversial, they need to be strong.

You can tell a fake by the fact that they do everything in a way that no human being would dare. They are not real, and are usually a made up persona so they don’t care what damage they do. These days you have to research someone before you give a serious reply. If they are a fake, just don’t engage with them. Report them as SPAM because technically, this is what they are.

A human being knows the cost of family drama anyway. A bot or a “cubicle” troll has no idea and no business in the lives of humans. This is why they say mindless things.

By K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of

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