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Republican Politicians and City Officials Create Artificial Water Famine in Jackson Mississippi to Drive Out Black Residents and Homeowners

It’s reminiscent of and maybe worse than Flint. Residents and homeowners in Jackson Mississippi, in the United States of America, can’t drink or bathe in their water. The water is so bad that it damages the water system and pipes in the buildings. The city could fix it. The federal government allotted funds to fix it. So why hasn’t it been fixed?

Jackson Mississippi is located amidst surrounding predominately “white” areas with higher property values. The wealthy have their eye on Jackson as they know that if they moved the African Americans out, they could buy the property cheaply and resell it at a higher value. They tried political pressure. They tried intimidation. None of it worked, so now they are making it unlivable.

Please vote the greedy, racist politicians out.


K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of ModernTraditional, Africans.live and other cultural and quirky sites. I am one of those odd people born to curate, with a real passion for marketing. If you have some art, music, writing, or other content that needs more love, feel free to contact me. I work on a donate when and what you are able basis. To do so, hit my Paypal or Patreon. Let's survive capitalism together, and try to have some fun confusing the exploitative.

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