on Google now appears in Google search! Look at our cute entry: on Google

It’s #1 for these specific keywords, but still way down the list, strangely, for the actual domain name. I think so many people make a typo so the word appears in a sentence so often that the domain name is less prominent. Oh well. Hopefully we’ll catch up eventually.

For now, just share some joy with me that the site finally exists on the big girl internet. 😛 

Update August 28, 2022: The typo has been defeated in the ranking!

Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 21-18-01 - Google SearchWe are now #1 for our domain in quotes in one month. This means that we’re now organically propagating, and traffic is going to speed up fast. We’ve already been spam attacked, but our borders have held. You will not meet the horny singles in your neighborhood on this day. (Not from a spammy site anyway. I hope that if you are available you do meet someone in a healthy way.) So register and log in already so you can start adding your content and beat the social media algorithms.

By K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of

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