Africa News July 22,2022Russia’s Lavrov tours Africa to strengthen Bilateral ties.Cameroon parties have called on France to recognize colonial crimes.Five die in big anti-UN protests in DR CongoZimbabwe Begins Relocation of Over 2,600 Wild Animals As Drought Worsens.French Diplomat’s Comments Raise Anger In Burkina Faso.Trial of Former Mining Federation President on Gold Smuggling and Bribery Charges Begins.Fury as Michael Johnson questions Nigeria’s world record.Egyptian court calls for femicide execution to be broadcast live.Govt to Auction Oil Drilling Rights in Rainforest Region Despite Protests.ICJ rules in favour of Gambia on Myanmar genocide case.Ship spills 30,000 gallons of Oil in the Bahamas.

By K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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